Monday, October 15, 2012

Prolife Events Coming Up

"A major event is taking shape that could turn the most burning moral issue of our time into a catalyst for unity and transformation.

LIFEsocal, a charitable organization founded by L.A.-area students and families, is throwing a huge party for young people of all faith and ethnic backgrounds in one of the great sports venues of America – Dodger Stadium." And "Students and administrators from an enormous variety of schools and churches around southern California are getting on board with the event."..."“It’s our young people who are going to make a difference and change the culture,” explained Carol Golbranson, co-founder of LIFEsocal. “Our teenagers know that life is beautiful, and they want to celebrate it. We’ve been inspired by the good work of many pro-life groups, and our hope to motivate young people to become involved in pro-life ministries of their choice.”

A high-powered lineup of celebrities and church and community leaders will be appearing at the event"...Proceeds from ticket sales go to pregnancy centers & prolife ministries.

This info is from sent to my inbox. Please go to site for the details.

Also these quotes from American Life League {}:

Pro-Life Pumpkin Contest
Share the Message – Uphold the Dignity of ALL Human Beings this Oct. 31!

"American Life League is rolling out the 2012 Pro-Life Pumpkin Carving Contest. Submit photos of your pro-life jack-o'-lantern and enter to win $100 in pro-life gear. "This is such a fun and exciting way to share with kids the importance of upholding the dignity of a human being and the gift of life itself," said Judie Brown. "Every human being who steps on your porch this October 31 will get a lot more than a handful of candy and chocolates. They’ll also be getting a message on how special every single life is from creation to death." This info from american life League, sent to my inbox. See for the rest of the info.

Please remember that in about 3 weeks the U S citizens [hopefully, only citizens} will go to the polls to vote for the next President. The next president must NOT be Obama! He is the worst President in U S history. His schemes are intended to depopulate the U.S. to its ruin. Please vote Romney & Ryan who have promised to be prolife President & Vice-President.

Also, in Missouri, voters please remember that Todd Akin running for U S Senate seat has to win. T Akin is prolife--McCaskill is not.

The pro-life [for life; pro is latin for prefix for} cause is THE civil rights issue of the 21st century. March in the streets, write letters to the editor, put up websites; carve prolife imagery into pumpkins; encourage your married 'children" to reproduce themselves and forgo the planned annihilation of the human race.

Help save the baby humans. Voting only for known, unapologetic candidates is important. Remember that the book of Revelations tells that every person will stand before GOD on His Judgement Day to give an account of his time on earth. Deuteronomy 30:19-20 says 'therefore choose life"...

Gloria Poole,RN; from my apt in Missouri; 15-Oct-2012; 6:34pm