Thursday, April 19, 2012

U S Marshalls & FDA have u lost ur minds????

I am furious at the political trick used by the evil Planned Parenthood and their millionaire lawyers to turn the FDA AND the U S Marshalls service into the lap dogs of the baby-killing-machinery-and-propaganda-forces! Where is the integrity of the Food & Drug Administration and the U S Marshalls?
In case you don't know what I am referring too, there is an article in in the health tab [section] entitled "U S Marshalls seize Ultrasound Gel...". Well. if you don't know that is similar to K-Y jelly and is used on the outside of the pregnant woman's belly to perform an ultrasound [bouncing sound waves into uterus to detect the human body, the chambers of heart, the blood flow etc of the human in womb], then you should know. HOW DOES THAT CONCERN THE FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY OF THE U S MARSHALL SERVICE??? It doesn't. It was a SHOW OF FORCE INTENDED TO INTIMIDATE PROLIFE CLINICS AND ALL CLINICS INTO FEARING THE USE OF IT for doing prenatal ultrasounds to hopefully prevent abortions FOR FEAR OF FEDERAL AGENTS STORMING INTO THEIR EXAMINING ROOMS. It is a shameful. despicable act of that ungodly Obama and his administration from hell. And what about those whining ungodly women who for decades screamed that they didn't want government in their bedrooms? How about in their examining rooms when they are naked?? IS that supposed to be an improvement?
I read their flimsy excuse of the gel being contaminated with bacteria. So what? The federal LAW ENFORCEMENT office has NEVER once in my long history as RN cared one whit about any other contaminated drug in a hospital. IF THOSE EVIL ABORTION CLINICS HIRED REAL AS IN LICENSED PROFESSIONALS THEY WOULD KNOW HOW TO CHECK FOR THAT AND THEY WOULD HAVE RETURNED IT TO THE MANUFACTURER FOR A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT. They don't hire real pro's because they won't work in abortion clinics so they hire off-the-street high school grads & give them a few days orientation pretending to be nurses and doctors and turn 'em loose on unsuspecting women. Abortion clinics are the LOWEST standard of so-called health care that exists anywhere except in third world countries.
And that SUBSTANDARD care & facilities are problems which for any other surgery would result in the inspection on site SHUTTING down the entire clinic and revoking their licenses. I KNOW what I am talking about--I reviewed medical facilities as a job for the state before and they do not mess around with substandard care. But they also do not call the federal law enforcement to confiscate their contaminated medicines either. HOWEVER, maybe the U S Marshalls marching in their w/ warrants scared the hell out of the bad guys [ abortionists and their poorly or untrained accomplices] and they left town for exile !! Let all the righteous pray that GOD always uses the government to accomplish HIS purposes.
But the FDA should apologize to public & Congress for their manipulation by political entities of Planned Parenthood, and Center for Reproductive [killing] "rights" [in quotes as their word. My word is killing wrongs.] They were USED by evil people. That Center for Reproductive "rights" is a bunch of fat cat RICH Femi-Nazi women lawyers determined to rule the world by killing their offspring and emasculating all men by reducing their sperm to something controlled by women.
WHEN? Is America going to wise up? When will the staggering numbers of dead human babies be enough? When will the Congress make illegal once and for all the premeditated murders in the womb of the tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb? When will the FDA do what it is supposed to do and stop the killing drugs like RU486? When will the FDA protect the people from murdering s.o.b. abortionists? When will the federal U S marshalls handcuff those mass murderers? And lock them away forever or hang them?? When will righteousness prevail in the US? When will the only export from the U S not be forms/methods of killing innocents??
I am furious. The U S Marshalls have a job to do and it is not playing soldier for the FDA, nor being the lap dogs of that man from hell Obama! And believe me that the state of Colorado alone has more than enough cocaine dealers, addicts, murderers, thugs, felons, terrorists to keep the entire Marshalls service busy for a year. I lived in that state for nearly 7 yrs, and I know the concept of justice to them is as a foreign language. U S Marshalls be ashamed. I know the abortionists are evil and you do too, so the next time the FDA calls you, take HANDCUFFS and warrants and arrest every person in the abortion clinic, and haul them before Judges who are honest and not on the payroll of Planned Parenthood and charge the with crimes against humanity [genocide].
Gloria Poole, {RN; licensed in Missouri] 19- April-2012; 10:01am; @my apt in Missouri