Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Sunday --JESUS is Alive!

Today is the traditional day that Christians everywhere celebrate the resurrection from the dead and the ascension of JESUS to heaven. And I did also. I went to the Baptist Church and then to eat lunch with friends from Church. But the most important part of the day is realizing that I serve a LIVING LORD--not a wooden idol, nor any man-made idol. If you read the book of Revelations, you will read of a mystery--a coded sort of language describing heaven and who goes there; and who lives there [GOD] .
In Sunday School, we talked about how the followers of JESUS, the ones who lived when HE was on the earth--must have felt watching that horrible crucifixation. But then how jubilant they must have felt when JESUS met them alive after rising from the tomb, on the road to Emmaus.
The most wonderful message of Easter is that each person has the offer from JESUS for a resurrection into heaven after death. Many refuse JESUS and they are doomed to hell according to scripture. But many accept JESUS and I do also. If you don't know JESUS personally I ask you to make it your top priority, to read the scriptures cover to cover until you understand who GOD THE FATHER is; who JESUS is, how to get to heaven; and then pray the sinner's pray--acknowledging our sins and asking for forgiveness.
I prefer the King James Holy Bible because I like the formal language, and the poetic words. There are other translations that are more colloquial if you prefer but be careful. There are some translations that do not contain the words "sin" or "redemption". If you don't understand what sin is you must, because repentance is necessary on some level before you can approach GOD in prayer. A simple "help me, GOD" counts.
Also, remember that there is no correlation between the real meaning of Easter [resurrection of JESUS] and the so-called 'easter bunny", and egg hunts. The easter bunny concept and egg hunts are for children to celebrate the warmer weather of spring and is similar to what other cultures would classify as a "festival" of sorts. Adults can separate in their minds the real JESUS and the fake easter bunny but remember that children can't, so please make sure your children know the true meaning of Easter, for their sakes and the Kingdom of GOD.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri;8-April-2012; 6:40pm