Friday, April 13, 2012

A real life in the flesh Hero & born Again

This is a first for me. I do not think I have ever praised a democrat before in my life, because of their radical anti-life policies. But in the news today, seems to be an exception. Newark New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker had to fight his own security staff to rush into a neighbor"s burning house to rescue her. And he did rescue her; and he sustained some 2nd degree burns. What especially interested me in his heroic act was his quote that it was indeed a near "come to JESUS moment" for him, meaning he thought he also would perish and would be called home to heaven with JESUS. That means he is born again in believer's baptism.
I had recollections of what that felt like. I have in the past put my life on the line for my own grandson Samuel who was about 4 yrs old at the time and rode his bicycle off the curb into the path of an oncoming truck. I had an instant mindset to stop that truck from hitting him. I knew Samuel & his bicycle were too little for the driver to even see them, so I rushed into the street between the truck and Samuel [this was 11 yrs ago]. I was waving my arms, shouting STOP at top of my lungs and little Samuel totally unaware of danger was trying to get back on his bicycle in the street. I stood there all 5' 9" of me as that truck was headed at me going too fast in a neighborhood. I knew it was a risk as there was not much stopping distance between truck and Samuel.The driver saw me, slammed on brakes, and skidded to stop less than an inch from me. I took a deep breath and nearly collapsed from the fear that the adrenaline had hidden. I know that "come to JESUS moment " very very well. There have been a couple of events since then that invoked that same thought in me, that were not of my doing.
OK, I wrote all of that to get to this: Mayor Corey Booker is an admirable, honorable man. I do not know what his politics are. But I know when his neighbor's life was in danger, he did not hesitate. It seems to me that his actions are decidely PRO-LIFE. I am praying that he somehow rights the left-leaning democrats away from the murders of innocents and to the position that JESUS spoke when HE said "even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish". Matthew 18:14, King James Holy Bible.
I pray GOD's blessings on all who take risks to save human lives from destruction, especially those tiniest humans of all, those in the womb, and toddlers, and neonates.
Gloria Poole [RN] and artist, photographer; @my apt in Missouri; 13-April-2012; 11:39am. P.S. just to be sure you know I do not post my grandchildren's photos on line, and do not appreciate it if others steal them from my computer. Also, the paintings behind me in the photo of me you see here are NOT real people--none of them are from real people. They are merely paintings from my head so to speak of what I call "composite people" --made up images from my imagination; but no doubt influenced by people I have seen somewhere along the way in my life or in magazines, missions etc. In other words, none of those represent Samuel or anyone in my family.