Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Good News; & about Rush Limbaugh's words

There are some good news events to report. First I want to thank the state of Virginia Gov for his support of human life. I was sad that he qualified that some, but nevertheless his support made the difference. The Virginia House of Delegates and their Senate approved a bill requiring ultrasound [sonogram] before an abortion, with a medical description of the tiny human. OF COURSE, this is intended to persuade women not to kill their offspring [babies in womb] by showing them proof that their tiny human is alive, and growing and that their womb is a tiny "house" so to speak for their baby to live in for 9 months.
Also to comment on a quote I read when reading about this news, the group who need to quit pretending to practice medicine is that ungodly Planned Parenthood who KILLS tiny, innocent humans in the womb. Calling Planned Parenthood a medical provider is morally equivalent to saying that the gas ovens of Germany were 'medical providers' of "services" --those generic words that evil clinics use.
Also, Rep Blount of Missouri has taken up the cause of defending religious liberty of the first amendment and thanks to him for that. The debate has been raging among prolife activists since Obama 's first day in office, when he made it clear he is the anti-life President.. Now that Obama is trying to force contraceptives to be handed out in schools, everywhere, at the cost to private insurance companies, in his zeal to depopulate to ruin America, has become front & center stage on national debate, we [prolifers across nation] are glad for the help of Congressman Blount from Missouri, and also from candidate for President Mitt Romney & candidate Santorum.
The U S ' citizens dare not allow Obama a second term. The hammer & sickle &/or iron fist flag of communism flag would be flying over the U S Capitol & White House if he gets a second term. Obama and his team of cyberhackers & perverts have attacked almost every device I have in the past month. He is so absolutely anti-GOD and so absolutely anti-life that it is appalling. How he got elected to office can only be attributed to corruption of Chicago political machinery & the mega money of George Soros who bankrolls several anti-life campaigns.
But I have learned persistence among other skills in speaking/ writing for the cause of human life. I reason learning how to program computers is probably essential to anyone whose message relies heavily upon citizen tools of writing on blogs, twitter, websites. to reeducate the nation.
Gloria Poole, RN; licensed in Missouri; @my apt in Missouri; 11:24am; 1-March-2012;
Updating this to add comment about the "Rush Limbaugh" event in the news. I do not listen too, or watch his program but have seen much blow-back about what he said. But c'mon. Get real all you guys. And I mean men --not using the word generically for the human race. Do NOT even pretend you have not said the same thing he said at some time in your life, like for instance when you walked into a party with your girl friend but your other 'girl friend' was there; and the "girl friend" with you asks you 'who is that who flirted with you?" And what did you say???? And you women giving Rush Limbaugh a verbal beating for honest remarks: don't even tell me you would be beaming with maternal love if your unmarried daughter went to Congress and revealed that she was s-ex-ually active and promiscuous so much so that she dare not risk a baby because she would not know who the father was; so she wants the government to provide her some way to stop the consequences of her immoral behavior. Because I would call you a liar to your face. NO self respecting woman would ever do any such thing as what that so-called 'law student' did according to the news. And who knows but that she is not on payroll of Planned Parenthood as was Norma whats-her-name who became the paid "poster child" for the big Abortion industry in the Roe v Wade fiasco of ruin, depravity, and evil.
So quit with the persecution of a man who called it the way he saw it/ And you know I think I agree with him--she must be in that category he said to do such a thing. Because a decent girl would not do what she did!
Also, I think back to what different men in different relationships to me told me sort of on this subject some time ago. One man that I knew for 20 yrs, told me this: "a man knows right away when he walks into a room, which single girls there he has to marry to have and which he can just have with no committment." And a medical doctor I worked with as he did his surgery cases & I circulated them years ago, in the role of "RN-Circulator O.R." told me this advice and if I had listened to it in 2002, I would have avoided a lot of heartache:[ he said ] "don't marry the man you can live with--any man will live with you if you give him the chance, but marry the man you cannot live without."
When students or merely immoral women as in not students women sell themselves in an intimate way to a man for no committment and or next to nothing, they are hurt/damaged/defrauded/ wounded; and it cannot be avoided. And you know why? because women fall in love usually with the man who is literally into them. Even if he is the worst S.O.B. on the planet.So I think that woman who is a woman [and not a primary school "student"] if she is law school which requires a first 4 yr degree in another college [pre-law] usually and is in her mid-20's, my guess from photos on web, who goes on national TV and admits she is not married and sleeps around should not act offended when men call her names they would not ever think of calling their wives.

Gloria Poole;RN; 4:10pm;5-March-2012;@my apt in Missouri