Thursday, March 22, 2012

Turmoil is everywhere it seems

I read tons of news including technology newsletters etc. The political landscape is such that the U S taxpayer is paying for Obama's campaign reelection speeches across 4 states as he pretends to support now the same pipeline he blocked a few weeks ago. His best talent might be lying in front of TV cameras. Smooth talking con-men is what Harvard generates for its big time links to the Middle East--smooth talkers who will do the bidding of the Kings of the Middle East & Africa, not the U S.
O.K. that's part of my protest today. The news said he raised $45 MILLION dollars for his reelection in January this yr-- in that one month. Remember his big talk in his first campaign --how he was going to do away with 'special interests"?? Well. those "special interests" gave him $45 MILLION in one month's time to keep representing them. I didn't see the break-down of where the money came from but if I were to guess I would say probably 60 % of it from China, 15% from banks, 15% from Middle East Kings,10% from labor unions. Remember when the Chinese President was visiting the White House? You think they're that cozy?? I don't--he was hand delivering that check with his demands for what he wants accomplished by his puppet Obama.
It's no secret I HATE Obama for his lack of principle and his baby-killing agenda, and his big promo of perversion & his making the U S Military a haven for perverted people. I love purple amethyst but if Obama was the color of purple amethyst I would still hate him because he is destroying the U S. and massacreing tiny innocent humans by the millions. May GOD have mercy on Obama's evil soul when he leaves the realm of life ; but God's mercy will not save Obama unless he repents before GOD of all the evil he has done in his 3 yrs of office. Hell was created by GOD for sinners like him. There is a lot of false doctrine about who GOD is and HIS character, but the Bible says unrepentant sinners do not go to heaven [in Revelations and through-out Bible].
Another topic: i think the Rutgers guy [from India] who videotaped his homosexual roommate and was convicted on some counts, should change lawyers and get some that believe in the Constitution and the first Amendment liberty of freedom of religion.And file an appeal ASAP based on discrimination by legal system, violation of his civil liberties by forcing upon him a roommate not compatible with Indian religious beliefs, hate crimes by homosexual roommate's family for prosecuting him for doing what probably countless numbers of heterosexuals roommates have done--i.e. video or photograph their roommates in the sack.
Also, one more thing: remember the tiny innocent humans in the womb this election. The mainstream news media has made the question about where a candidate stands on the issue of abortion as if the words were bombs; but do some research to see how candidates voted on that issue and all the surrounding issues of it like embryonic stem cell [bad] research which produces tumours not anything good; and the personhood amendment issues in the states. The prolife cause has many facets and each must be considered as either attributing to human life or destroying it. So THINK before you vote.
This much we know: Obama is the WORST most catastrophic President yet as far as the preborn humans are concerned. NEVER vote for him again--not even for dog-catcher or trash collector.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 22-March-2012; 3:45pm