Monday, February 13, 2012

The State of the union for IT Depts

This entry was delayed because Apple Computers notified me on Feb 3rd of a "recommended update" via their link for software updates. I "updated" my iMac with their recommended which proved to be malware. The malware tried turn my macine into a zombie of Apple Computers. I have an on-going moral dilemma w/ Apple because of their exploitation of Chinese workers,their not paying dividends to their shareholders,their secretive wifi spyware, and now their attempt to destroy my yr old iMac with their malware on purpose. I tweeted about this quite a bit, on two different twitter accts of mine: @gloriapoole & also @gloria_poole.
In Ars Technica today (,then click tech tab,then click ars tab) is article entitled "Apple launching sidelong attacks against Google" about Apple trying drag Google down with Apple's standard fare of anti-competitive practices backed up w/ money not paid as fair,decent wages and also not paid to investors,but pocketed by Apple.
So read that article and also another one today in LA Times entitled "Ipads seized in China over trademark...". Summed up that article says. Proview Technology is suing Apple in 20 cities for trademark infringement,and that Chinese authorities. seized ipads because "Apple did not follow Chinese law".
Also before I forget, the corrupt files I downloaded to my iMac at Apple's recommendation were: zzz061-9523,zzzz041-1631,zzz041-1952. I have several other computers/devices and several methods to connect to web.
Also,does anyone know how to actually secure windows 7 netbook? If I keep it in high security to prevent bombardment by scripts and secretive spyware downloads,then basically only text allowed on it. And does Microsoft ever intend to allow safe apps on mobiles that don't require security settings so low,the system would be crashed in minute's time? Any user friendly apps that are safe coming to mobiles w windows,inc netbooks,laptops,tablets?
And two more events that are sign of the times in the internet realm: BBC says five journalists working for Rupert Mudoch were arrested over weekend for bribing police in UK and US to get news scoops. And it said they were treated as if they were members of organized crime gang. That is not good news for journalists anywhere,but news should not be cybercrime,law-breaking as a general rule. It will be interesting to follow that from legal standpoint. Along that line,in DC a journalist was arrested for videotaping police arresting occupy DC protestors.It has become very apparent that Obama administration intends to suppress,stifle,intimidate those who report events.
And about my tweets: I do not put links in my tweets ever. And certainly would not link to a company like that tried to destroy my desktop that I paid them a lot of money (for me,probably others would sniff at that amt) of $1200 cash. And have receipt still. Yet they tried to ruin it with malware!
And on today is article about the unfacebook move around world of diverse populations. Defriend,unlike ,whatever, but quit Facebook now before your personal info is sold to marketing companies.
That article is entitled "Now is the time to quit Facebook".
I also think now is the time to sell any Apple stock you own before the price of it hits bottom,with coming legal events all over world.
Gloria Poole.@ my apt in Missouri. 13Feb,2012 @ 12:15pm