Monday, November 29, 2010

Stop genetically modifying humans

In the today at 6:30 am is an Associated Press [AP] article entitled "Scientists' trick..." that tells of the genetically modified humans scheme of some scientists. They use embryonic stem cells but call them IPS cells [after they modify them ] and inject chemicals into the cells to 'trick' the genes that are built into the cells by the blueprint of GOD HIMSELF to cause the cells to mutate to something other than what GOD intended. [ An aside: According to David Prentice an expert in this field,that is why those macabre experiments have only produced tumours in the humans they were injected into.]

Altering the built-in plan of GOD with chemicals cannot cause anything good. Cannabalizing tiny human embroyes to get BIG BUCKS from NIH* for research that violates the Nuremberg Code of International law adopted by almost all nations after Hitler and his evil medical team/scientists were tried for crimes against humanity,is evil. It violates that set of protections against inhumane and macabre experimentation on humans because those tiny human embryoes did not consent to be slaughtered or ripped from their mothers' wombs, nor did they consent to be cannibalized, nor did they consent to violent death at hands of womb-assassin, nor did they consent to be torn apart,decapitated and ground up,nor did they consent to be made into products to sell to so-called biotech industries. Therefore that research is illegal by international law. And labeling such evil as 'medical research' is morally equivalent to Hitler saying he gassed the jews to death to give them the 'best treatment available to them.' It is deliberate propaganga with euphemisms to attempt to make acceptable what is morally repugnant. Read Nazi Doctors by medical doctor Robert J Lifton for more on this.

That wicked experimentation has to end, and so does abortion-on-demand. It is the most awful evil that ever existed, and it cannot be sugar-coated to make it acceptable to those who know there is a GOD, and HE does not live in the White House or the NIH in Bethesda Maryland. All of you who believe in GOD, pray that GOD does something to stop the evil experimentation on tiny humans and to stop abortion and quickly for the sake of the human race and in particular the US before it is bombed out of existence by the nation GOD raises up to do that.

*footnote; NIH is abbreviation for National Institute of Health in Maryland,which is the US version of Hitler's research methods to kill humans then make them into products for sale. It does not treat any patients nor have real medical doctors doing research but highly programmed [brain-washed] do-as-you-are-told-evil-scientists.

Gloria Poole,RN;6:52am;29/Nov/2010;at home in Missouri