Monday, November 1, 2010

Open Request for Press Enquiry into Twitter censors

I am posting here the press request I sent while signed into my Twitter acct a few minutes ago. I tried twice to tweet and then changed my password and tried again but tweet was blocked. I said in the tweet they blocked three times these words:
never ever vote democrats because they plan to depopulate America. read more http;//".
So then I sent a press request to ask for enquiry into how Twitter is controlled by democrats Here is the exact message sent to field marked "Press" while signed into my twitter account:

Twitter routinely censors {exercises prior restraint against me} which is illegal under Us Constitution First Amendment. Political speech is absolutely protected by First Amendment but when I write tweet opposing dems they refuse to post it--block it. That could cause them triple penalties at law if I sue them for violating my civil liberties. Would you investigate please? My current RN license is is moved to Missouri now and in my real name obviously [Gloria Poole,RN].

Don't vote for strong-arm tactics of socialists-communists who control the presses and the rights of citizens to debate,discuss,publish their opinions including political and religious.
Gloria Poole;RN [my license is in Missouri now] @ home in Missouri;12:05PM;1-nov-2010