Thursday, November 25, 2010

BBC article today makes known Pres's kill-internet

In the BBC news today on Thanksgiving * is aan article in the US & Canada section of the news entitled " Should Obama's internet-kill-switch power be curbed". And it makes the point that the President of US has had the power to force shutdown of all computers or select systems for decades. I know for certain that power has been abused because for the past 3 Presidential elections and the past 19 yrs of politics in the US, there was an absolute block- forced shutdown of my privately owned computers for opposing first B.Clinton then H Clinton, then Obama in elections. Entire hosting accounts of mine were manipulated/blocked by those in Senate [H Clinton,Arlen Specter, Barney Frank,T. Kennedy] for writing against them.

My reply in open letter format is YES Congress should absolutely remove that power from the President. If that had done that before he took office there would have been no financial meltdown because he would not have controlled banks and Wall Street by manipulating,turning off their internet access at crucial times to cause losses to them to gain control of them and wield power over the nation.

BBC thank you for publishing this article. Please keep it in the news until next week so those traveling for holiday will also see it and read it. Not one US paper raised this question or made any effort to notify the public about this. You have served the world well today by making known the power of the US President to interfere in all internet events by simply 'killing' a hosting company's servers or a particular person's access to the services they pay for. I paid for services for months that evil Obama blocked me from using in his effort to control manipulate US economy,elections and his press coverage. Obama is nor aat all above totally destroying privately bought and privately owned/used computers for political gain. And neither is that jezebel Hillary Clinton.

*footnote- Timed for today's publication no doubt so they hope no one in US reads it because of holiday of Thanksgiving. The usual tactics of the Press when they are trying to make excuses for abuse of power.

Gloria Poole, 6:54am;25-Nov-2010; at my apt in Missouri