Friday, July 16, 2010

Liars,Thieves & Reprobates stealing passwords -CAUTION

I have had to reset my password this afternoon after criminals tried to steal my Google acct AGAIN. I wonder often if computers and the internet are viable entities considering that even companies like Microsoft,Apple,Google, AT & T cannot prevent being hacked. I am not an expert programmer by any stretch of imagination but I am not novice either. So I don't know how they think the average citizen could prevent cybercrime or prevent hackers if their team of paid experts cannot. But every time my password is stolen by thieves breaking into/hacking into my computer without authority it makes me mad. Unfortunately, I am reasonably sure that the criminals breaking into all those companies,work for the Pentagon and follow that cyber-hacker Obama's orders. He got into office by breaking into computers and tries to maintain control and suppress speech that opposes him by hacking into/breaking into computers.

He is the problem. But he is not the only cyber-hacker. H Clinton had a team of Hillary's hackers way before he was on the password stealing scene. Unfortunately the cybercriminals way outnumber the good guys it seems to me. The cybercriminals are caught or a few of them are, and then they spend a day or two in prison and then they are at it again. In some cases some of them spent a year or two but did not stop or alter their criminal behaviour and as soon as they were out, they were breaking into computers again.

I put the title for a reason. I also think much of the cyber-hacking by criminals unauthorized on private computers has to do with the concerted effort by those groups the Bible calls reprobate and abominations [and I call perverts] who are trying to take over America. They have a stranglehold on Congress via Barney Frank pervert from Massachusetts and his 'boyfriends' working in his office with enormous power. Until he and those like him are voted out of office, the citizens in this nation who do not accept sodomy and or lesbianism as a evil 'right' have to be very very wary. The Bible names the deeds that that group does in Romans chapter one and it makes the point that their degenerate minds deteriorate into depravity and evil until they are 'worthy of death', [verse 31, ch1 Romans, KJV] .

The best way to fight back against them is vote them out of office,and stop contributing to their causes. Don't buy Cover Girl products that puts ads flamboyantly flaunting perverted women on their sponsored TV and websites. And don't buy any product that puts an ad featuring a known homosexual on it. Those companies only respect $$$-- so take it away from them. They are without GOD or they would not sponsor sin as their product.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 3:27 PM; 16th-July-2010