Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doctor/Senator Coburn condemns health care bill

Update Wednesday 17-March-2010 at 6:37 PM after reading article in Yahoo news:
I quote from the article written by Doctor/Senator Tom Coburn about the health care bill as it exists:
The American people have good reason to be concerned... is not a collection of so-called fixes or compromises but the exact bill the Senate passed on
Christmas Eve that was filled with backroom deals such as the Cornhusker Kickback. The Senate bill also still contains half a trillion dollars in Medicare cuts, half a trillion dollars in tax increases, job-killing penalties for employers, provisions that will cause premiums to spike, and radical provisions to fund abortion and ration health care.

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The House of Lords in Parliament @ London, UK about regulating isps
and defining penalties for piracy and theft of copyrighted materials.Especially
the speaker with the grey beard I think is right [ about 18 minutes into video].Several speakers {called "Lords' since in the House of Lords who are Nobles e.g. Baronesses,Dukes,Earls, etc whereas the House of Commons i.e. the second house of Parliament is the commoners, elected to office. The House of Lords
if I understand British law are born to that position] are debating how to balance the rights of consumers who use internet and expect it to be free, and 'creative' persons who create new material and copyright it and want any revenues from it.Includes notifications that an isp is violating copyright and may be disallowed from internet, as sent by isps from America.
11:23 AM 3/16/2010
And Wall street article about the polling of the democrats revealing that nobody wants to vote for the Senate version of what is euphemistically called 'health care reform" but planning to go ahead and bypass the House of Representatives! Well that is reason to impeach all of them.The way that Pelosi plans to do that is a sneak trick bill that includes more than one bill but hiding the bad bill with another bill and calling for a vote.To piggy-back the bill that everyone opposes onto another bill to prevent a direct vote on it. The con-men and con-women there, oops Legislators, are trying to prevent the public from knowing how they vote. Keeping their million dollars of perqs jobs is all they are trying to do and to h___ with America is their attitude. The nation should impeach them all and shut down that wicked Congress!

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12:08 PM 3/16/2010
And the Tea Party in NJ has received a Judge's approval to start the recall procedure of a federal lawmaker.That is history in the making.
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I am posting these comments on events that are happening today. These are very relevant to the situation in America in every way. Because piracy on the internet is probably what siphoned off the trillions from US banks when banks had to reimburse their customers for money stolen from their accounts by internet pirates. And of course derailing the health care bulldozer is crucial to preventing a total rewrite of the U S Constitution by Pelosi and Obama by themselves.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 12:21 Pm 16-March-2010