Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VOTE NO SOTOMAYER:Protesting Gov't Killing Plan called 'reform" of health care

This above of my sketch in watercolors that I drew and painted to represent a seven week old human being in the womb. By seven weeks in utero, human shape is formed and distinguishable. These are the humans the wicked Obama and his voodoo krewe want to kill with their so-called 'health care reform' wicked schemes. And also:
I read in the Yahoo News a few minutes ago an article stating plainly that one of the goals and I would say it is probably the primary goal of the so-called reform of health care is to force American taxpayers to pay for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb. I am opposed to that. Absolutely. Forever. And don't be deceived by the lies of those who kill for pay such as that abomination named NARAL. They are from hell. Most insurance companies do not pay for abortion now as I understand that from having worked in health care as a Registered Nurse and in the operating rooms of major hospitals and in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Maybe the bad policies do but the good ones don't. Abortion is NOT health care. It is premeditated killing of an innocent human being. The trick of Obama to force the nation to accept killing as a so-called right is unveiled by that article in the Yahoo news beginning with the words 'Gov't Insurance"... I have a great idea--let the U S amend the Constitution and make the premeditated killing of Congress people a right and let us pay those who do that with taxpayers ' money and let us debate the how and where it is allowed stupidity that runs amok in Congress as they debate the where and how and when killing of innocents in the womb .
The 'problem' with America is that we as a nation have too many educated fools in power, too many educated into stupidity by so-called 'ivy league schools" of nonsense and evil', too many who think that killing is a 'right', too many who think that the citizenship does not know what is good for them, too many educated idiots like Obama, and the ungodly Clintons, and the ungodly Pelosi and Kennedy there. Let us a nation declare a 'right' to kill Senators and Congress-people as they have tried to declare a right to kill babies.
What say ye?
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 11:23 AM 5-Aug-2009
Update at 11:36AM:
I forgot to ask you to read my entry in my blog that is in my former married name [now divorced but kept blog] at: about the Constitution and how that affects the debates about anything but especially the not-citizen-name-Sotomayer and the illegal and treasonous 'treaty' made by citizen Clinton.
Update on 6-Aug-2009 to oppose Sotomayer since she is not prolife. And because it would be unconstitutional to put a Puerto Rican on the High Court . See this info:
Update at 9:40 AM after researching more about Sotomayer and Puerto Rico. Quoting from a government document : "In arriving at the present condition, it might be helpful to remember that originally Puerto Rico became a part of the United States, as a territory under the Treaty of Paris of December 10, 1898. On April 12, 1900 the Foraker Law, the first organic law in Puerto Rico was approved by congress. This law allows a civil government and maintains the island as a territory of the United States. On March 2, 1917 the Jones Act was approved. Under this act, citizenship was granted to people born in Puerto Rico, a bill of rights was established, and many aspects of territorial nature continued including economic and fiscal controls. On July 3, 1950 congress approved law 600 (P.L. 81-600) which authorizes the Puerto Rican people to draw our own constitution. This act left unchanged all the articles under the Jones Act that regulated the relationships between Puerto Rico and the United States. These articles became part of the Federal Relations Act. On July 25, 1952 Puerto Rico inaugurated its own constitution under our existing commonwealth status." and also: "There is an irreconcilable constitutional conflict that prevents the establishment of a permanent, fixed commonwealth status for Puerto Rico. Only States have a permanent, constitutionally guaranteed status under the federal system, and without constitutional amendment, nothing done by this Congress can bind future Congresses in the treatment of Puerto Rico". The preceding statement is part of a letter to Hon. Don Young from Richard Thornburgh, former Attorney General of the United States, dated February 9, 1998." And also: This unilateral exercise of Territory Clause authority to define the citizenship status of persons born in Puerto Rico is consistent with Article IX of the Treaty of Paris. Clearly, the U.S. nationality and citizenship is not within the internal sovereignty exercised by the people of Puerto Rico under the Commonwealth structure of local self-government." That quote is from this article: Now ask yourself how Puerto Rico can be both independent of the US [their own constitution]and a territory of the US at the same time? ? Connect the dots on this one. 9:45 AM 8/6/2009
The article about Puerto Rico was pulled from Google by the Obamites who hack computers but it was there at the time I posted it to another blog of mine at: that also has more info about the Billary treason against the U S. See that blog for today also.