Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let the Buyer beware of corrupt hosting godaddy.com

I am writing this because my godaddy.com account has been hacked into AGAIN for who knows how many times. They have a very loose if any standard of care for their customers and do not really care who steals your account and makes no effort whatsoever to protect you as a customer or your account. I paid godaddy.com for premium emails beginning about 2-3 years ago and renewed them [and paid for them] about 3 months ago and they promptly deleted all of my emails. That is the sort of service godaddy.com gives. Crooks, liars and reprobates work for them. I have also paid them for domains for years too and to "reward" loyalty they tried to ruin me.

And if you are unfortunate to have bought domains from them [I did not in the beginning--my domains were hijacked in about 2004 and I have spent from 2004 to the present trying to get control of them again since they have MY real NAME in them, and my real original writings and my real original photos of my real paintings I painted. Here is what you have to remember if you were decieved to buy a domain from them: you have to baby-sit your acct constantly. IF you turn your back on it for a month, they will resell your domains to the first crook that comes along. And if you are a woman as I am, PRAY. Because it seems that they absolutely hate women and they will do all in their power to destroy your name, reputation and EVERY thing you have done in your life by running ads to promote p-o-r-n, sale of s-e-x and every ungodly thing you could think of, using your name. And they will ASS-ume that if you are a woman, you could not possibly be capable of doing anything and they will allow criminals to call in on your account and they will help them hijack [steal ] your account, your email addresses, emails sent to you [they have a secret mobile email that you don't know about until your life is ruined]. They will allow a man, any man it seems, totally unrelated to you in any way to steal your account and they will give him your bank account into and your password and your call in PIN and anything else they could while they are bending over back ward to help con-men and crooks.

They seem to have no concept whatsoever of integrity or contract law. They are without apology when they cheat and swindle you. They send canned and stupid 'customer' service replies as a general rule. Do not ever ever ever put an email addess that you bought or set up on godaddy.com on anything as they will allow criminals to also use those to steal your accounts.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N.,and artist, and owner of this domain and this blog @ Denver Colorado 80203;
landline phone 3038371261#2707.

My websites of http://g-l-o-r-i-a.info/
and http://gloriapoole.name/
and http://gloria0817.info
and http://g-l-o-r-i-a.name
are MY websites and my sketches and paintings on them. I also own other domains on godaddy.com as well. This entry is written specifically about my emails that I have set-up over and over again on godaddy.com since about 2004 and every time I sign back in to read them they are deleted or 'pending set-up' or not working, and they were hijacked by cybercriminals and criminals apparently years ago but I did not know that for a long time, thinking that since MY name and my billing info and MY address have been corrected probably a hundred times they should have it right by now.But they hire either people who cannot read English or are prejudiced against women and/or English speaking women. Not sure why they tried to ruin me. But they did. But these domains and also http://onlineeducator.biz are mine and also several others.