Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My idea of funnel to catch monsoons, sketch painted by me Gloria Poole, RN,artist, writer, blogger, etc of Missouri

This is the sketch I drew and painted on the 11th of Dec 2015 and tweeted it to the Nobel prize Committee for their development efforts to see if they had the contacts & resources to get these upside funnels to catch monsoons built in all the countries where they are needed. It is an amazingly simple structure but I have given it a lot of thought. The countries that annually have monsoons also annually have droughts when the monsoons end, and they often have cycles of flood waters washing away the top soil, and houses, and people; and then another cycle of drought until the next monsoon. The monsoons in countries where the sun is very hot also cause a hard pan earth to form as the softer top soil is washed clean away by torrential flooding. That hard pan earth makes it very difficult to cultivate crops because breaking up the sun-baked hard crust of earth usually requires tractors, which most poor countries do not have. I first had this idea way back when and I tweeted about it on my @tweetie0817 and also on my @gloria_poole intermittently since then. But on the 11th I decided I would paint a sketch of my idea so people who have no idea what a funnel is would understand it. I have other twitter accounts of @gloriapoole , @Tartan_Bliss, @ProlifeNurse and @personhood1, but I do not tweet the same thing on all of them. Each is different, and I categorize them sort of by topics. I drew this with graphite and a ruler, then painted it with acrylic trying to make it look like thin plates of steel or sheet metal shaped into a funnel and a holding tank for the water that was collected from the sky during the monsoons [or any rains], then signed it, photographed it, uploaded it. It is on 8 x 11 paper that I sized first with wheat paste using a recipe in art book that I bought. Copyrighted image. Also, if anyone gets a patent on this it should be me. I have documented this idea of mine several times.

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