Monday, May 25, 2015

Remember U S veterans today on Memorial Day and see ethnic series sketch made by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of /in Missouri on 25 May 2015

U S flag that I photographed on walkabout near my apartment to remind all that today is Memorial Day 2015 to honor all living and dead veterans of all wars of the United States; and to remind all that as U S citizens born in the USA, we, the people have a written Constitution, that is the backbone of our liberties. If you have never read the U S Constitution I urge you to #Google it and read it--it's only a few pages but the comments of those who try to twist the meaning of it are usually scattered all around to make it look difficult and confusing. It's not difficult or confusing to understand and is in plain English.

Photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri. Also scroll to to see the ethnic series sketch I made yesterday and photos I photographed just for fun.

Here below is what I did this Memorial Day 2015--I made #art #sketches #ethnicseries but I also tweeted to U S #veterans my comments that I very much appreciate all who served in the U S military and served this nation and me individually as a U S citizen. Reminder that I wrote two different Memorial Day tributes and you can read them at: which is my memorial day tribute to my daddy who was a veteran that I wrote in 2013:

My tribute to veterans in 2011:

This is an ethnic series sketch I made by referring to the BBC news yesterday in the travel section. This is an Indian Border Guard and I love those hats. They look like sorta like an elegant peacock strutting about except with red instead of blue-green plumes. It is inktense on 11 x 14 paper with tempra environment. I have made hundreds of ethnic series sketches and also many oil paintings in that series and you can see them online at my https:/ and also Also, I photographed some photos and I am sharing them with you and yesterdayI also put more of those I recently photographed on my

This is a photo I photographed this past week and I was told these are Asian carp not goldfish, but I think some of them are goldfish.Photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri.

This is my hand on one of the flowers I photographed to try to stabilize it because wind was strong that day. Photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri

This is a late evening photo I shot from my balcony. I have photographed many times what appears to be some sort of object in the sky at different times, at different locations even in different states. Photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri

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