Saturday, February 21, 2015

Horse sketch and yoga pants sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

This is the acrylic painted sketch that I painted quickly today from the pencil drawing I drew from the news about the Cheltenham Festival race. I did attempt to replicate the costume of the jockey to a certain degree, and made no effort to include the track. The preliminary drawing I drew for this is below & also I added a just for fun sketch that will probably make viewers laugh, with an explanation of it.

This is the preliminary drawing I drew from the news photo while looking a tit on my computer.

This is the pencil drawing I drew with waterc olor pencils after reading an article last week that some legislator somewhere sponsored a bill to ban "yoga pants". Well. I have never see "yoga pants" and they could be entirely different from these in sketch. However, I tried to imagine why a legislator would ban a pair of women's pants and this is my idea why. So, it's supposed to be sorta funny.

This is my signature I signed with digital ink using software not paint to create a 2015 personal logo . It is one of several I made trying to find the perfect design. it is not my final effort but it serves the purpose.

This is my photo of the U S flag I photographed on walkabout to remind all that I am a US citizen, born in the U S in the state of Georgia, living in the U S in the state of Missouri; and that I have all Constitutional liberties including first amendment freedom of Press, freedom to worship GOD and freedom to protest governments.

This is my hand on one of my Christian cross necklaces to remind all that I am a Southern Baptist,[aka Great Commission Baptists] and do not make images of GOD, nor worship images or statues, or idols or any thing, nor bow down in worship to any thing, in keeping with Exodus chapter 20, KJV.

This is my copyright notice for this blog.

These are my copyright notices for my big digital camera and my cell phones that have cameras, and for my name in several of the ways I have written it on the web since 2002 or earlier.

You can see more of my art I created, my words I wrote, and my photos I photographed on these blogs of mine which I create one at time with different content usually on different days:;updated by me yesterday 22 Feb w/ #ethnicseries sketch of Kenya that I drew & painted; updated by me on 19th Feb with train skeleton sketch I made; updated by me on 21 Feb w/ some photos I photographed of my first ever attempt to make a toy from clay & interesting things to do

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