Saturday, February 5, 2011

Repent Collins of NYT for promoting sin & evil

I read the propaganda piece written by Planned Parenthood staffer Gail Collins and put in the NY Times today and here is my rebuttal to her comments:
1) Planned Parenthood is NOT about health care but killing of innocents in the womb.
2) Planned Parenthhood has one of the biggest if not the biggest lobbyist groups in the world representing their 'special interest'
[ a favored liberal term to try to glorify evil] to kill innocents-in-the-womb.
3) The US President and the Supreme Court get kickbacks from Planned Parenthood abortuaries as did evil Ted Kennedy, and Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Charles Lewis of GA, and Charles Schumer of NY, and Barbara Boxer of California and Nancy Pelosi of California, to name the most obvious bought politicians of the US, but there are others.
4) Planned Parenthood's legal propaganda machinery of Center for Reproductive [killing] [aka Centre for in UK] is on the same moral ground or lack of, as Goebbels of Nazi Germany in their efforts to make unborn/preborn children the scapegoats of all the evil in America, in their scheme to murder them for their flesh and blood and brains for fake research for billions in grant money from a governent entity--the NIH and Bethesda Naval hospital.
5) Abortion is a horrible evil --worst than gassing the adult Jews in Nazi era. The adult Jews could have fought back in some way [and some did and lived to tell about it] but tiny humans in the womb cannot fight back against their assassins or speak/write/vote against them.
6) Abortion is a grievous sin against Holy GOD who wrote the Commandments in stone and gave them to Moses and whose commandment of 'thou shalt not kill' as recorded in Exodus 20:13 is the basis for good governments everwhere who punish those who kill humans with premeditation. That same HOLY GOD is going to call you to repent of your evil of promoting sin and if you fail to repent, HE will punish you.
Also as written in the scriptures for sinners. Read Matthew 18:14, John 10:10,John 14:16,John 8; Matthew 18:4-7 and Deuteronomy chapter 28 for the curses that will come upon you for disobeying the commandments of GOD.
7) GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7 as written: ' be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man [or woman in your case] soweth,that shall he also reap."
8) No nation in history that laid a plan to depopulate their nations have endured as world leaders.Study ancient Greece, Italy,and Mayans who clubbed children in the head and then threw them into volcanoes as human sacrifices or who ripped out the still-beating hearts of their opponents and ate them to ingest their spirit and power. None of those countries stand as leaders in the world now. And GOD so totally destroyed the Mayans that they are only read about in history and don't exist any longer.
9) Planned Parenthood is evil. Their entire goal is child human sacrifice on the altars of feminism and money. GOD will destroy them and you if you are on their side when HIS Judgement Day comes.
I will be glad when I read in the news that Planned Parenthood HQ's was bombed into oblivion and their evil agents are all dead.
Gloria Poole; 1:29PM;5-Feb-2011; at my apt in Missouri