Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to avoid breast cancer--its not wearing pink

I read the usual annual marketing ploy of wearing pink and donating money to fake ngos collecting money that goes to planned parenthood [ do your homework]. I want to tell you women how to really avoid breast cancer, and it is simple.Do what GOD intended with your female bodies and that is have living babies and feed them naturally. In other words produce living babies and breast feed them. And do not use artificial estrogen or progesterone replacement so-called therapies that are powerful steroids used the wrong way at the wrong time and from wrong sources. Your own body produces those steroids when they are needed to produce new human beings and that is the proper time for those steroids, and not when you are post-menopausal.
And of course do not smoke or use any form of tobacco.
That is much hype in the news but much of it is a fund-raising hype to get people to run for money to support causes that have nothing to do with curing breast cancer. If there was a cure for it, it would be suppressed from the public because then the NIH would go out of business and those phony scientists would be unemployed and unemployable. They feed off the misery off those with cancer.
I believe that cancer is a form of the body literally digesting itself by the rapid multiplication of cells of that were thwarted in some way from doing what they were intended to do and went rogue, wild. And I think that if there is to be a real cure it will begin with recognizing that cancer begins within a human body not from outside it. JESUS said it is not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles him but what comes out of it. The thoughts and spirit of man that are defiled are the starting points of cancer, I believe. But I also believe it has a physical turning point in the body when the cells intended to produce living human babies such as in a pregnancy aborted that run rampant and keep on producing and multiplying that produce tumors instead of living babies when the baby was killed by the mother when the baby was in the womb. And perhaps in men for example prostate cancer in men when the sperm is blocked as in vasectomies and the sperm is absorbed by the men into his bloodstream instead of producing new humans as GOD intended.
Gloria Poole, RN,; at home in Missouri; 7:01PM;7-Oct-2010