Friday, October 29, 2010

"Can you really afford another 2 yrs of democrats?"

I read the title only of an inflammatory article in the 'news' [Public relations page/propaganda for Planned Parenthood-Democratic Party sponsored by Microsoft and NBC] that asked the pretend question of if you could afford to have a second child. If you do not see the blatant screaming against life intent of that article then you are brainwashed to the max! And should go to a desert island for about 7 years far from the madding crowds and clear your mind.

That article TITLE made me so mad I decided I would write in my blog about it. HOW DARE they write such evil? The US is depopulating! The United States will become the United States of the Saudi Emirates and or the Iranians and or the Latinos from South America if those blockheads from Washington DC have their way.

Do not ever ever ever ever vote democrat. Those people are from hell.

Their agenda for the nation is killing off the unborn children in massive slaughters reminiscent of the days of Herod in the Bible. The current administration should be tried for treason against the nation NOT reelected to any thing. Treason because depopulation destroys the nation.

Vote prolife and that means do not vote democrat. There is no such policy as prolife in the democratic socialist party of the US which is in control of the current US Congress. Read what the democrats stand for: the 'choice' to kill human babies whent they are tiniest in the womb, and chop them, shred them, dice them, make a 'jam' of their cells and smear them on agar plates to study under a microscope to get billions from the wicked in high places. A better idea is to kick out the wicked from high places from office and begin by voting these listed from office :
Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania
Barbara Boxer in California
Obama from White House
H Clinton from any position
Robin Carnahan from Missouri
Charles Schumer from NY
Charles Lewis from GA
Nancy Pelosi from California
These names are some of the most RADICAl against human life that has ever been in any elected position since Hitler held office in Germany. Vote them out of office!
Gloria Poole,RN; Missouri; 11:54AM; 29-Oct-2010