Friday, June 25, 2010

Ignore False report from Marie Stopes killing org re:no fetal pain

The Uk doctors who were bought by the Marie Stopes killing organization to produce a fake report to deceive the world ought to be ashamed of themselves, and they ought to have to disclose how much Marie Stopes and Planned Parenthood both killing organizations paid them for that fake report of no fetal pain when babies slaughtered.And the Associated Press should hire some reputable medical reporters and not get their news from those organizations' PR sheets and or from the Guttmacher killing connection either.
There is not one shred of truth in the report about a fetus not feeling fetal pain when slaughtered, or their false statement that the human brain of babies is not formed enough to feel pain when murdered in abortion. Babies in the womb move, suck their thumbs, kick, respond to stimuli all way before the 24 weeks of gestation, and all of those activities involve the brain and its connections [via neurons] to the muscles, tendons, nerves. In addition the baby's heart begins beating in the womb at ten days after fertilization which requires active involvement of the brain.
I bet if you researched those so-called UK doctors in that report that they were or are nothing but abortionists, and abortionists on the payroll of Marie Stopes' killing centres and or Planned Parenthood/Guttmacher killing centres.
Do not be deceived by their propaganda and bought 'medical reports' producing lies. Here's what i learned about medical studies after 26+ years as a Registered Nurse licensed in several states in serial fashion depending upon where I lived: if you toss a few million at any so-called 'scientist" and then toss at them the results you want them to produce and say 'you get the millions if you produce a study 'proving' what we want proved, they produce for you a polished glitzy looking totally false report to get your money. Paid for studies are almost worthless because of that. And what is most alarming to me is that the US citizens are smart enough to know that megabucks influence and have a tendency to rig elections [think of how Obama bought votes with his offer to give $500 to those who voted for him via twitter] but fail to connect the dots that megabucks also tarnish, disqualify, negate medical studies also.
UK doctors, if you are really medical doctors with active and actual licenses and in some practice other than killing, you ought to be ashamed for participating in such a scam. And for you that are abortionists, you better repent because judgement day is coming and you are going to hell if you don't repent, according to scripture.
Gloria Poole, at my home in Missouri; 2: 41 PM, 25-June-2010