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Basic Midwifery: 101 ; with my painting entitled "Midwife"

I painted this oil painting over Labor Day weekend. I think LABOR day weekend is a good time to paint an article about a woman laboring to deliver a living baby. I worked in the Operating Room in several places and I also delivered a baby once years ago when I was the charge nurse and had to cover the Emergency Room too. I had a lot of training but there was an article not too long ago about a man in London who delivered his own baby in the front seat of his car on the way to hospital. It occurred to me that knowing a few basics could help someone deliver a living baby, and also help circumvent the fear and panic that is taught in public schools about having living babies. This position is obviously the new mother laying down with knees up. In some settings there are 'stirrups' on the table that hold the woman's legs up in that position. In other settings such as a home which is what I painted in this painting, you would just tell the woman to put her feet flat on the bed bending her legs like you see and then cover her with the cleanest sheet or blanket you have. The thing to remember is that human babies get born with or without much help in most situations and the person delivering the baby 'catches' the baby sort of. In a few situations it is more complicated but remember that women had living babies for thousands of years before the devil got the upper hand in what is euphemistically called 'health care ' in many places. There are so many places and so many propaganda pumps in the U S that many women in their 20's and 30s are very afraid of having living children because their heads were pumped full of lies from Planned Parenthood. In fact, in the U S the people more likely to have progeny [children, descendants to carry on ] are those not so brainwashed by "Ivy League Killing Propaganda Schools."
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist @ 8:42PM, 8-Sept-2009
Update with more info that I meant to include:
If you ever have to deliver a baby here's what you have to know:
1) do not push or pull the baby in most cases; there are a few situations where that might be necessary but if so, see if you could get trained professional help immediately. The mother's contractions are something to behold in most cases -- a powerful force to push the baby out. If the mother becomes too exhausted to push that is when you should seek medical attention immediately, or if the bottom of the baby presents first instead of the head.
2) wash the woman's private parts with soap and water and towel dry IF you have time to do that. In many situations the baby is delivered so fast that you literally are catching her [or him] with the hands you have at the moment such as the man who pulled over the side of road to deliver his baby and baby was whoosh and there!
3) Catch the baby with a good grip--they are covered in water and blood and they are slippery. Grab hold in sort of a football grip of one hand on their behind and the other supporting their head and neck as you see in this painting.
4) Remember the umbilical cord will be born also and then after it stops pulsating you clamp it if you have some sort of clamps, or tie it with the cleanest string or shoelaces or torn cloth strips in TWO places and then cut it between the ties, or clamps with a clean pair of scissors; and if you have time to boil those first, all the better. If not, get the cleanest you have and wash them with soap and water and wash your hands too, time permitting. Cutting the cord is not the first thing you have to do by any means as it is attached to the placenta and the mother will push placenta and cord all the way just as she did push the baby out with her contractions. So if you are skittish about that AND REMEMBER you have to have something to clamp that cord with BEFORE you cut it, or tie it off in two places with the cleanest cord you have, because it has blood vessels that are huge and that run directly into the baby, and the mother too if the placenta is not expelled yet. It is attached to the lining of the uterus and usually within 5 -30 minutes after baby is born the placenta detaches [no longer needed] and is expelled also. Don't pull on it either --you don't want to tear it apart and causing massive bleeding.
If you have nothing to clamp the cord with before you cut [clamp in two places like clamp --clamp and then cut between the clamps like where the -- are in that example, then take baby, with cord and placenta attached to the ER after the birth and let them do that for you. It has been done a lot of times that way.
5) The mother loses blood quickly but usually that stops spontaneously in a few minutes but you could gently massage the uterus until you feel it clamp down, by sort of kneading it until you feel it tighten up to stop the blood flow.The mother will know where it is, don't worry about that.
6) If the bleeding does not subside quickly, take her and baby to the Emergency Room quickly.
7 ) Wash up the mother and remove the blood as it is a source of bacteria if left there.
8 ) Wash up the baby and put her to the mother's breast and encourage her to suck to start the flow of milk in the mother. Wash thoroughly but gently.
9) Newborn babies look a little rough when they arrive, they have endured the mother's contractions and being pushed through a small space so don't be alarmed by that. But if they look sort of bluish as I painted this baby in the painting, turn the baby upside down and let the water flow from the mouth and nose of the baby to open the airways. The baby should start crying and breathing. If not, then start CPR on the baby.
After they take that first breath,they will look more normal and pink up, and look better after you wash them up.
I signed back in again because I forgot to tell you this:
a midwife is a licensed by the state occupation in the U S and they are usually RN's with more training but in other countries of the world,they may not have medical or nursing training as it exists in the U S but a lifetime of experience. Anytime you do something over and over again, you learn by doing and those midwives are often excellent. Also the Bible tells of midwives delivering Jewish and Arabic babies for centuries so it is not to be feared.
Also the bluish looking rope like cord you see attached to the baby's belly is the umbilical cord and that is sort of how it looks like reddish artery and bluish vein in it that is what nourishes the baby in utero. After the baby is born it will throb until the placenta detaches from the mother and that is when it is ok to cut it to detach it from the baby but YOU HAVE TO CLAMP IT close to the baby [about an inch from the belly] before you cut it, because those huge blood vessels flow right into the baby and out of baby also and you don't want the baby to lose blood either.
I wanted to clarify something. The massage done after the baby is born is done from the outside by pushing against the pear shaped uterus in the pelvis. Do not attempt to massage the uterus from inside the mother unless you have been trained because the uterus is boggy soft like a ripe pear and you don't want to destroy it by doing what you don't know how to do. So rub the mommy's tummy at the pelvis and you should feel the top edge of the uterus and massage it until it clamps down and feels more firm and the bleeding slacks up. The bleeding contines even if you do that but not it is not massive bleeding except immediately at the birth, in most cases. Occasionally that could happen and if so take the mother and baby to hospital or get medical help immediately if bleeding does not slack up. Losing too much blood is life-threatening and you don't want that to happen so if bleeding does not slack up, slow in a few minutes then massage the uterus as best you could until it clamps down and when it does that ,the blood vessels will be clamped and the bleeding will slow to more like a heavy menstrual period.
I know this is detailed and I intended it to be. No sense in being vague on this topic as one of my missions in life is to encourage living babies for women; and end the killing of them via that heinous sin of abortion.
And I pray that the devil is defeated in America and everywhere and no longer will human beings be killed in the womb instead of delivered alive.
Update Saturday 12-Sept-2009 after reading news article on home deliveries yesterday:
Remember you must not reuse razors in any situation. The reason not to reuse them in any situation is because they have blood on them in ways that you might not see except under a microscope. Blood is an excellent source for bad germs to grow on and you do not want to give germs to anyone or get germs from anyone in that way, since some very bad stuff grows in blood when it is left with infected blood on it. Those razors that come in home delivery kits in places like Africa or 'third world nations' are not meant to be reused. If you plan to reuse them and there is nothing else to use, you HAVE TO STERILIZE it first by boiling it five minutes in water.
And you could tie off the umbilical cord with string in two places like X -- X and cut the cord between the ties at the -- in the example where the Xs represent tied cord with string. If you anticipate having to deliver a baby at home get ready ahead of time and sterilize your equipment by boiling it and get a mask and gloves for the person who would be delivering the baby.
The reason to cover the woman as she is delivering is because she will lose blood and after the delivery and what is called her circulating blood volume will shift quickly, and she will need the additional warmth to maintain her body temperature at a safe level and prevent chills and shivering.
Update on 4-Oct-2009 after realizing that people might not know that some babies arrive into the world looking a little bit blue or not quite breathing. For any baby you deliver you should put the baby laying on one arm the long way, with your left hand supporting the neck and head and your right hand on the baby's back to sandwich baby between your arms, then turn baby upside down so that the water and blood would drain out of the baby's mouth and airway. Usually that clears the airway quickly and the baby will inhale and start to cry. I think I assumed everyone knows to do this in an emergency but then realized you might not know that. If the baby does not cry after you do that then with the heel of your hand, gently smack the baby on the baby between the shoulder blades to dislodge mucus or anything there. Then baby should inhale and cry. If that does not happen and if baby not breathing start breathing for baby by putting your mouth over the baby's mouth and nose and forcing gently air into the baby. Newborns need breaths faster than adults do, so breathe for baby in short quick frequent puffs. Call for help! Babies have smaller lungs and airways than adults and much bigger heads ---their heads are out of proportion to the rest of their bodies. You have to support that head and neck with one head whatever you do because when newborn a baby's head will weigh 1/3 of the total body weight approximately, and be 1/3 the length of the total body length.
Also I forgot to tell you that newborn babies have a sticky, whitish stuff covering them sort of like a tacky glue. That is on every newborn and washes off. But it is there when they are in the womb to protect their skin from the water of the amniotic sac. It makes them very slippery when they emerge. It is best to have some sort of towel [clean hopefully] or clean shirt or the mama's coattail or some fabric to grasp them when when they first emerge for that reason.
The baby I painted in this painting was intentionally a little blue around the head and face to show you what newborn babies sometimes look like. But they should breathe quickly, cry lustily and pink up quickly. Pink up meaning as in not blue around the mouth , lips and fingernails and toenails. That blue color called cyanosis is a very distinct sign that the baby is not getting enough oxygen, and actually it means the same thing in anyone. If you see a person who looks blue that person is not getting enough oxygen to the brain.
These teaching lessons are intended to be simple and easy for you to understand, not medical jargon or complicated with a lot to remember. I want you to remember the basics .
/s/ Gloria Poole,Registered Nurse; originally posted on 4-Oct-2009@2:48PM [this update] and reposted from my home in Missouri on 7-June-2010 @ 3:46 PM .Gloria Poole, RN.

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