Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Congress, vote NO to codifying killing as 'right"

Remember that in January 2010 the Congress still has to reconcile the two different bills [one from the Senate and one from the House] and vote collectively as a unit on whether it becomes law. Keep this info in mind and pray as you have never prayed before, because I believe that IF the US government legalizes and forces taxpayers to fund abortion that this nation will be destroyed by THE HAND OF GOD HIMSELF, as promised in the Bible that GOD HIMSELF avenges innocent blood. It is very different when individuals sin against GOD and destroy their offspring, because of their own evil heart, but when the nation collectively gives permission via a legal status to evil and sin, then the nation is in direct opposition to GOD. Here is the info that was quoted that reveals the evil plan in the fake health care bill that is nothing but a way to codify the grievous sin of abortion. It must absolutely be defeated in January! Also read the scriptures about truth on this website:
From that article in Life News that reveals the situation of the so-called health care bill pending before Congress :
In Dec 2009 an article in Life News makes it clear that the compromise of Ben Nelson of Nebraska was a trick to get federal funding for Medicaid for Nebraska, and did not prevent abortion being declared health care. The prolifers in Nebraska and everywhere are mad! I quote from that article:
"Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, issued a statement blasting the Nelson-Reid proposal.
“No back room deal can change the fact that this is a fatally flawed bill. Make no mistake about it, the Reid bill will allow federal tax dollars to be used to fund abortions," he said in a statement sent to"
And this quote from article about Medical Doctor Tom Coburn, :
"Sen. Tom Coburn, a pro-life doctor and Republican, agrees.

He said it is “absolutely fictitious” that the Nelson-Reid language bans abortion funding.

“The negotiations, whoever did them, threw unborn babies under the bus,” Coburn said, according to a report in The Hill."

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And on another topic near and dear to my heart is the situation in the world of Christian missionaries. I include this info, and my request to North Korea:

North Korea please release Robert Park. Proclaiming the love of GOD is not reason for arrest, and missionaries have to be free to cross borders. A quote from the BBC article: "They said he walked across the border shouting: "I am an American citizen. I brought God's love. God loves you and God bless you."

Please read article in BBC news today at:
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