Thursday, June 25, 2009

Open Letter to who swindled me

I recieved a so-called survey that might be from 1and1 or a trick this afternoon in my email, asking me if I am satisfied with 1and1 after my so-called contact with Robert Baah. If he was the man who called me who said he worked for adobe products and meeting1 pretending when he really works for then no I am not satisifed if he lied to me and asked me questions under false pretenses. If that man does not work for you then I have no idea WHY 1and1 would think I would be satisfied with 1and1 since all of my websites are down still for nearly 2 months and you ripped me off for $371 in May 2009., Are the people you steal from and cheat and swindle usually happy about that? It appalls me how stupid you people are. I don't think ANYONE likes to be ripped off for $371 and their efforts of six years taken off the web by fools working for and then you send me a survey asking me if I am satisfied with Get a grip on reality. You people have lost it for certain if you think I would be happy that you swindled me. I did not talk to anyone today who said he was from nor did I send an email to 1and1 today nor did anyone from call me today . So I see you at 1and1 have not changed -still treacherous and deceitful as usual . /s/Gloria Poole at Denver Co 80203; landline phone 3038371261ext 2707.