Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Addition to My Ethnic Paintings: "The French Man"

This photo is my photo of my newest oil painting in my 'ethnic paintings' series; and I named it "The French Man". It is 16 x 20 and it is still wet paint! I tried to add it to my whole repository of ethnic paintings at http://gloriapoole.com/ethnic-paintings but the cybercriminals from Italy are trying to hijack my name and website there so I am adding it here. It belongs with the series of about 16- 20 paintings in oil now that I began in 2007 when I lived in Aurora Colorado for a year. Some of the others are "The Scotsman', "The Sultan", "The Ghana Man'. "English Lady', Brazilian Indian Woman, and many more. You may see them all at my site at:
http://gloriapoole.com/ethnic-paintings. It is my site --and always was; but cybercriminals are without morals or conscience. So anyway, that site is a repository of many of my photos of my paintings, sketches, drawings and many of my genre photography. When you visit that site remember it is sort of like walking into a library-you see lots of titles and then you have to click on the title you want to see. It should be safe but I cannot guarantee that since I myself the owner of it could not upload my photo to it this am. Remember also that the Italy based catholic church is trying to ramrod that 6th catholic onto the Supreme Court and trying to suppress anyone who opposes pretend prolifers who say in public they are prolife while signing death warrants for millions of unborn children by voting for women's rights to kill their offspring evil laws. Six out of nine so called Justices all of one 'flavor' is unreasonable and unconstitutional. I am sure that IF the U S Senate is not in the pocket of the catholic church Sotomayer will not be approved and the U S Senate will INSIST upon a Protestant prolifer to be added to that mix of despots.

Anyway, I hope you like this painting. I am continuing to paint as I have since about 1971 ! And will always paint because it is the most fun of anything of my life.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. [registered nurse licensed in Colorado] and artist of as many years as I am a nurse. Denver CO 80203/80206.
PS I would also like for the mainstream press to enquire what dignitaries were on that Air France plane that went down? It might surprise all of us.