Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The U.S in "Chinook Wind' of Storm of heathens

This photo you see here is my photo of the U.S. flag in the midst of what Colorado calls a 'chinook wind' and you see it is being battered. Well, it is relevant because the U S is being battered by heathens and false doctrine from those who hate GOD. I am posting this here today to influence the selection of the next U.S. Supreme Court and to plead the cause of the unborn/preborn in that decision. This is the same message I also posted in other places:
Republicans, get your act together! I am republican because I believe in the principles as written in the US Constitution of representation in Congress that reflects the best interests of the nation. Sotomayer's Hispanic background is not the issue--catholics in Congress are not prolife--not one of them is and not one of them on the Supreme Court is. In fact Sotomayer was selected by Obama who is NOT King after all because he knew she would promote the killing agenda he has for the world. She is without children--that should tell you something, and she is the puppet of the planned unparenthood killing machinery of the Clintons, Pelosis, Kennedys, Ginsburgs blah,blah, blah. The names of so-called catholics who vote every time for killing is legend and yes, I know Ginsburg is Jewish--the Jews were long ago in leaque with the killing of innocents as their way to fortune and continuity of the status quo. What group crucified JESUS? On the other hand,the Republican Party Platform promised Americans to end abortion--well what century did you intend to do that? Because NOW is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country. This nation cannot 'afford' another prodeather in high places. It cannot allow another person whose agenda is destroying the nation via depopulation. It cannot tolerate or put into office or into High Courts another person who believes that there is a false right to kill the most innocent the most vulnerable in the womb who are after all the future citizens of this nation. Get a grip on reality. Whatever the next Justice has as an ethnic origin the fact that she or he has no committment to the written words of the US Constitution should eliminate them from the Highest Court of the land or any court in the land for that matter. The written US Constitution and amendments tell us that no person [and humans are persons and only humans are persons], should be put to death who is innocent; and are not humans in the womb innocent? When are YOU Republicans going to understand the crux of the matter being discussed? When are YOU Republicans going to stand and fight for the written Constitution and not the twisted, perverted malformed version of the prodeathers? WHEN? Get it right this time. Sotomayer is NOT acceptable and her skin color or national origin [from Puerto Rico [--when did Puerto Rico become a state because I missed that?] is not the issue entirely but it is a part of it if she is not a US Citizen by birth she should not be on the US Supreme Court and IF she is not prolife she should not be on the Supreme Court because the duty of the Supreme Court is NOT to depopulate the nation; though I know from politico-legal-medico history of past 30 years they think that is their duty. But it is not. The continuity of the nation is one of the most important considerations of Congress if not the most important. Setting up public policy and people in high places who have an agenda of depopulating the nation, sets the U.S on a path to destruction and to loss of world power because the Muslim world is NOT depopulating and they are almost certainly to rule the world in the next century or sooner. If the republicans don't know what they believe or why they believe it, how could anyone vote for them? The democrats won the last election because they manipulated the press, suppressed their political opponents' free speech,hacked into computers of newspapers,and independent publishers who opposed them, or controlled their 'news' to only politically correct photo-ops with carefully composed scripted words. They did not win on principle because they do not have principles --only their hands held out to BIG ABORT and BIG BIOTECH killing industries.Their own Swiss bank accounts is their concern not whether the nation continues. Get on the side of LIFE. And do the right thing for the nations at the same time. And do the right thing for GOD too in the process because GOD said to Adam and to Eve to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth in Genesis chapter 1: 27-28./s/ Gloria Poole R.N. and artist, at Denver CO 80203/80206; 8:05 AM mountain time 27-May-2009