Monday, May 11, 2009

My Oil Painting, entitled "The Schloss"

This is my photo of my painting which I painted and I named "The Schloss' which means in English, the castle. I am adding it to this site of mine because I have every intention of getting back all of my domains that cybercriminals tried to steal from me. Documenting my paintings, my signature, my blogs, my writings and my intentions is going to help me accomplish that. You see my signature 'Gloria' in the bottom right corner clearly on this photo. This painting is oil and is 48 inches across and 60 inches tall. The perverts of this nation are not going to win; and yes I am intentionally using that word because their efforts to destroy my name and my reputation and my lifetime of service to the LIVING GOD has made me angry so much that they think they have some exclusive right to destroy intellectual properties of paintings, photographs, poems that document the very sort of evil that they are trying to force upon the world. GOD called them abominations and so do I.
signed Gloria Poole aka gloriapoole® at Denver CO 80203 on 11-May-2009 at 4:19 PM, M.T.
PS you may also see more about these events at this website of mine: