Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sketch of stunned woman painted yesterday by me Gloria Poole, RN, artist of/in Missouri

I painted this referring to an image in an art ad but I did not try to make it as their was, but similar pose. I modified it quite a bit including the expression on the "woman's" face. I painted this and drew it with ink. You can see near the chin where I revised the ink drawing and because I could not paint over it with ink to undo it, I put white acrylic over it. Then I discovered that ink will not cover white acrylic! So it was definitely a learning sketch for me. I drew this on 6 x8 traditional watercolor paper, but I noticed that when I saturated it with ink diluted with a 2-3 drops water, the paper rubbed off a tiny bit, which disappointed me. So that was a lesson too--that when drawing with inks I may need to use either mixed media paper or paper specific for ink, perhaps bristol board? Also, the paper was more wet than I thought when I signed it so the ink bled a bit. This is the first "work of art" I made in 2016. Anyway, here is this sketch. Copyrighted. I also created another sketch yesterday and I will post it to a different blog of mine. I drew it in ink, painted it with ink, painted a tiny portion of it with white acrylic, then signed it, then photographed it more than once, then uploaded it to this blog of mine. I followed that same basic process of making art, signing it, photographing it, uploading it and posting it for ALL art on this blog and I photographed all photos on this blog and wrote all words on this blog.

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