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Second experiment making ink by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of /in Missouri

Ok. Here's the reason I tried again to make ink. I bought food coloring because my daughter Leigh gave me a hummingbird feeder for my birthday and I needed red food coloring to color the nectar [sugar water], so I have a whole set of food coloring. So, it occurred to me that I should be able to make a suitable paint or ink with it also so I decided to experiment with it. This sketch, abstract, is test 1 of the homemade ink. I painted this with 2 gtts [medical abbreviation for drops] food coloring of 3 different colors in a teaspoon of water x 3. I used a natural sea sponge to create the texture where the red appears darker by patting the sponge in ink then onto the paper. I drew the vertical lines with a brush dipped in the ink. It behaves exactly like watercolor from art supply store. This is on 9 x 12 paper in my sketchbook. Then I realized there was a recipe on the food coloring container for how to color easter eggs which said that recipe would dye the eggs so that the dye did not wear off. So I thought, aha, I will try their recipe so to begin with I mixed a dropper full of vinegar which was the extra ingredient their recipe called for, into the same mix of 2 gtts of food coloring in a teaspoon of water to keep the ratio the same so I could compare the tests. I thought the vinegar must be what stabilized the dye since the recipe said to add it. So the following test is made with that formula. Summary of this experiment: food coloring makes excellent and easy watercolors that work fine with a brush.This sketch book is a mixed media sketchbook, for the record. I signed it with the same ink I made in green and notated the edge of it with the green ink also on a brush.

This is test 2 of the home made ink I made using 2 gtts food coloring in a teaspoon of water with 1 dropper [medicine bottle dropper] of vinegar added. It changed the viscosity of the fluid so that drops of it did not bleed onto the paper but sat there until they dried. And the addition of vinegar made the fluid appear a brighter red as I was painting it with brush to make this sketch, experiment. It is on 9 x 12 paper in my sketchbook also. I signed it with the same red ink I made and notated that it is experiment 2 this time in bottom right corner.

This is my written log record of this experiment , written using the ink as I prepared it in test 2. The little box at the bottom with writing in it is a separate experiment in which I added acrylic sealer to the ink mixture to see what happened. It made the ink cloudy which I did not like, so, I did not add it to the entire bottle of ink I made. I signed it , and photographed all of these and uploaded all of them and posted them to this blog of mine today 9th of Sept 2015. I made ALL art on this blog and photographed all photos on it and I own all copyrights to it.

This is my record of my experiment at about 1am last nite as I was not able to sleep, so I decided I would see if I could make purple ink using food coloring and vinegar and following the recipe on the box of food coloring which was 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 20 gtts of food coloring, but I started with a 1:1 ration of red:blue color. So the first line of "purple ink?" is made with 10 gtts red, 10 gtts blue food coloring in a half cup boiling water with one teaspoon [measuring spoon] of apple cider vinegar added. I didn't think that looked very purple so I tried again. I have store bought inks in several colors and several brands and I use them intermittently for many reasons, to write with dip pens, to draw, and sketch with and sometimes to paint with on a brush. But I don't have purple ink, so I decided to give it a try. I wrote on the record the proportions as I was trying to create the color purple. I tested the ink to see if it was waterproof by washing over the word ink on top row with a very wet brush. it did fade but it might have been because the ink was not completely dry. I put about a tablespoon of the recipe into a separate container and then added 2 more gtts of red which made the ink too red. So, this is my record of this experiment. I tried making ink before with tea bags and that works ok but I needed a preservative and I was trying to find one that any household would have on hand. This entire experiment is just step 2 in finding a way to make an excellent writing fluid ink that anyone can make at home without complicated chemistry sets or expensive equipment or supplies. Almost every country of the world has both tea and food coloring. So, since I think ALL people should be able to write and in cursive, and in a way that is permanent, I intend to keep experimenting with the idea of easy homemade inks. I can buy most any art supply I want, and I do, but making ink still fascinates me as it is a quest that dates back to the first century when humans picked up charred wood from a fire pit and wrote on cave walls with it. This is my public record of my second attempt to make an easy homemade ink. I also documented the first experiment of me trying to make tea from items on hand, on this blog as well, and that is in the archives. I conducted this experiment myself, measured the ingredients, wrote them down so anyone could achieve same results. Of course, I do not know how much different brands of food coloring sold by stores would vary in performance this way. I was using a brand new set of 4 food colors bought in a set. I do not consider this experiment complete yet, because I did not yet create purple ink. summary or experiment making purple ink : I did not get the ratios of blue and red correct, but I intend to keep trying. I have a half cup of ink I made a 1 am that is of the color that is fourth down in this list of my words.

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