Friday, March 20, 2015

Ethnic series Midwestern US Musician sketch by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri and Georgia created 15 Mar 2015;update

This is one of the #ethnicseries sketches I created today for the on-going ethnic series of oil paintings and sketches I began in year 2006 and continue to this day. I saw two things that caused me to think this would be good to draw and paint as representative of the midwest United States. I saw a musician playing an accordion at the local farmer's market and I saw a photo of an accordion player in the University of Georgia travel brochure that I receive as a University of Georgia alumna. I drew this in pencil first and photographed it also and that photo is below this one. Then I painted it in acrylics. It was a two hour sketch which is twice the time I usually spend on sketches. I couldn't seem to get that park bench to look right! I have seen and photographed park benches a few times, but this morning I couldn't seem to recall them in a manner to be exact enough to paint from, and didn't want to look up my photos. So, It's a sketch--not a painting, which means it is merely a way of capturing an idea I had to create an oil painting possibly of this theme, putting it into my rendition of musicians, adding in background and bench and altering clothing and appearance of musician. I have sketched musicians several times before and also "bands" I created with paper, paint and ink and pencils. So Google them to find them or search archives of my art blogs. This is not a real man, but one I created with pencil and paint.

I drew this sketch with pencil first and then signed it and photographed it and uploaded all to this blog of mine today 15 March 2015.

Also see #ethnicseries sketch I created yesterday named "Chilean cowboy" which I posted to my That is not a real man in that sketch.

And see my other blogs that I post art I create too for more of the art I created.

Also, FYI, I am not displaying [yet] the poster I made for the city poster [in Missouri ]contest and think they will display it in time. I submitted it in person this past week.; updated by me 17th March with sketch I drew of how the 19th century displayed wealth from a historic photo;; updated 19th March by me Gloria with sketch "tire treads through the garden" that I made; updated by me Gloria on 16th March with multi-media sketch I made and named "tornado";; updated on 20 March by me Gloria with sketch "tree of life" that I made.;updated by me on 16th March with four sketches of birds that live on the river, that I created from a TV documentary;; updated by me on 18th March with cartoon, frog in his element that I drew with watercolor pencils;; updated by me Gloria on 19th March with sketch I made fishing boats come into dock with nets u or similar title; I also write ,as Registered Nurse, prolife blogs and some of those are:; updated by me with sketch of spring flowers that I drew and painted. Also usually I post #publichealth info also to that blog.

Also, remember that I live in my apt I draw, sketch, paint, blog and tweet from 24/7/365 and that I do not have a "boss" nor a "supervisor" nor an employee; nor an 'associate" nor a business partner. And remember that the phones associated with this blog and its underlying account belong to me and always belonged to me and are in my apartment in Missouri; and that I also have a wired landline telephone in Missouri and cell phones. I swap around my numbers from time to time if an account of mine gets hacked, but I have physical possession of every phone that I have listed on any account of mine. I have more than one for my safety.

My signature I singed with digital ink to create a personal logo for this year.

I photographed the u S flag to remind all I am a US citizen born in the state of Georgia, with all civil liberties especially first amendment freedom of Press, to worship GOD;, to protest governments and to associate or not with those I please too.


This is my hand on one of my christian cross necklaces to remind all I am born again Christian and adhere to the Holy Bible as my instruction book on how to live, and how to please GOD; and how to get to heaven after I did [which I am not planning to do any time soon!]

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