Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some Women Are Fools

I am a woman, and I am also a Registered Nurse for long time, w/ much career experience. Yesterday, I read that some really stupid women were protesting the state of Tennessee's new law that requires that abortionists meet the same standards as real doctors including having admitting privileges to a hospital somewhere so complications of botched abortions can be handled timely. The ungodly people from the killing organization named Planned Parenthood have deceived a lot of women and legislators too by telling them that such a law is unusual. It is not unusual. It is totally standard across the nation for real doctors and surgeons.

All bona-fide surgeons and medical doctors are required to meet a set of nationally published standards of practice and they are also required to meet hospital standards for admitting privileges. The facts that abortionists have operated outside the laws of medical practice since time began is no reason they should be allowed to continue to do so. They should not be allowed to continue their butcher places.

Of course, I think abortionists are in the category of quacks--not real doctors at all. Real doctors don't kill their patients! And the tiny human in the womb is a patient also, until delivered. The fact that the demonic dehumanize the preborn human in order to slaughter the tiny human, does not change medical facts/ law of genetics. Human men & women when they reproduce,reproduce only more humans, not cabbage plants, not dogs, not cats, not canaries, but humans! The law of genetics says each species reproduces its own kind.

Abortion is such a heinous evil. It should not be legal. The tiny human in the womb must have the full legal protection of the U S government. I believe that as long as the child sacrifice of abortion is so-called "legal" [it isn't really--the Constitution cannot be amended by either the Supreme Court or the President through 'executive order' or even the Congress unless the people ratified it in Convention by votes of 2/3 of the states;] then the U S will continue to implode from within or be destroyed from without, in accordance to the Word of God.

Furthermore, I think GOD will measure Obama and find him lacking and destroy his legacy and maybe him also. The Bible tells of many times that GOD sent a prophet to warn a nation about heinous sins/ abominations and if they didn't repent, then GOD sent the destroying Angels as written about in book of Revelations of Holy Bible. I prefer King James Holy Bible because I like the poetic language and the straight-forward "calling a spade a spade" no-nonsense talk.

I think laws making abortionists meet medical standards will cull most of them from practice. That saves babies lives and that is good.It also saves womens' lives because then women could go to emergency rooms and could get treatment for complications like perforated [cut through] uterus or bowels, bleeding to death, bad reactions to anesthesia, etc.

I know that Planned Parenthood so-called 'clinics' are the bottom feeders so to speak when it comes to health care. They do not have educated staff, do not meet national standards of medicine, do not use properly sterilized equipment, do not monitor the women afterwards, do not report complications, do not report child molestation [rape, incest, sodomy], do not care. They should be illegal. So if the child killers can't meet national standards of care--good! Put them out of business. Arrest them for practicing out of boundaries of law.

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri; 9:50am;16-June-2012