Saturday, May 19, 2012


I read voraciously & write that way also. In the news is article about the "G8" nations meeting to discuss the world. If I remember correctly the nations are: US, UK,Canada, Germany,Italy,Japan,Russia & France. They are discussing what to do next, in the U S @ Camp David in the Maryland woods. I am praying that somehow by the grace of GOD they arrive at some common sense solutions to end abortion , end depopulation of the world, stop selling weapons abroad, and encourage liberty. Of course, they would have to eject Obama from the group to accomplish any of those goals,but that's my plan for the world. Ok, then the "G1" : remember when Google's 1st phone it was selling on its website was the G1? And everyone thought it was a no-go? But then it boomeranged back and was renamed sort of to the Galaxy and took off like a rocket? I love Google and always have; and they are good to me. They are my go-to guys for internet anything almost. I have a love/hate affair with Apple; loving them when their products WORK and hating them when they don't. And I have written a ton of comments on my twitter accounts about why I do not trust Facebook, and don't advise anyone to buy their stock. You can read my twitter accts at: & several other twitter accts. About the "GP" in title: that's me. My real initials of my real name :Gloria Poole; but for about 15 yrs I wrote my name exclusively on web as gloriapoole. I still do obviously but not exclusively that way, and not on as many sites. I could not guarantee either the quality, safety, or effectiveness of the websites I had up. One particular company I was paying for hosting sites for me was putting up ads for themselves using my name. Another was using my website as a front for other sorts of activities which I did not approve of and did not appreciate them using my name as a cover for. And another pumped up my monthly fees to ridiculous levels making more than their usual profit off me. I realized suddenly that it was not worth the nightmare it had become. I am painting lots of new paintings with all the extra time I have of not trying to build a company from nothing. Everything I had built up on the internet from 2003-2008 was destroyed by criminals using info they stole from me,as they tried to steal my domains and websites because they thought I was making money from them. I was very sad at first but then realized I like a lot of people were fooled that the internet was a "safe" place to do business. It has low barriers to entry and I thought it was do-able; and I spent a mint trying, plus YEARS of my own efforts at creating, writing, building websites, maintaining them etc. If I had not unwittingly married a con-man criminal in 2002 it might have turned out better. But I am divorced now twice; and the internet is not the lure to me it was before. I spent too many years, too much of my own money, and put too many hours of my life in it, and got nothing back, to ever consider it as a viable way to make a living. I am trying to get to point that I can afford a physical gallery for my paintings in oils, acrylics, watercolors,and my sketches and drawings in acrylics, inks, charcoals ,goauche,tempera, --all artist's visual mediums. Anyway, I am staying busy to my tolerance. Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 4:17pm;19-May-2012; Update at 4:28pm: I am NOT on Facebook. I receive notices to my email that someone is impersonating me [using my name] on Facebook ,but I have never created a Facebook page; and do not intend too. I do not trust Facebook for many reasons particularly that they send notices to me about my Facebook account that does not exist and that they put about a dozen tracking cookies on my computer last year. Update again: I also do not have a Pinterest page since they own the copyright to what is posted. Someone on Pinterest is using my name of Gloria Poole, however. So don't be deceived.