Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HP hacked my comp pinned itself to browser to censor

I am mad and I am telling. I have had several events of cyber-attacks since about 1st of Feb this year. Criminals have broken into my Century Tel acct, into my iTunes acct, into my cell phone accts, into my twitter accts, and into both of my computers. Today I enabled the developer ability and looked at the source code and found words that stated that hp fired me--I never worked for hewlett-packard and would not have the skills too, and that hp 'pinned' that instruction to my browser as instruction to computer to try to lock me out of my $1200 Apple Computer brand new. And my best guess as to why that treachery happened is one or all of these:
1) I oppose Obama and his killing-of-innocents-in-womb, with my computer and my isp accts, and he thinks like the African Kings instead of like someone born in the USA.
2) I also oppose "Secretary [Attila the Hun better analogy for the unborn/preborn]" of State H Clinton on principle that she facilitated and continues to facilitate the murder of innocents around the world by giving her support and dollars from US Defense Dept to abortion clinics,and sneaky,underhanded methods to circumvent firewalls of U S citizens to spy on them.
3) I reported Apple Computers to the FBI for allowing child predators to have apps that solicit children for s-e-x [spelled to prevent robots thinking I am advertising for that] and or s-o-d-o-m-y [spelled for same reason]. I asked Apple three times in writing to remove those evil apps and each time their support team wrote back telling me that because I believe pedophilia to be 'offensive' does not mean they should take down the apps that were soliciting children for s-e-x. I informed them that such behavior is ILLEGAL and IMMORAL in writing, and after they tried to mess up my computer.
4) I complained on my twitter acct about Century Tel that allowed a scam outfit named "LDE Intellidiets" to attach itself to my phone bill and ask for $15 per month. I have no idea who or what "LDE Intellidiets" is, except to know for certain they are a phi-sh-ing sceme to get money but how they got Century Tel to go along, I have not discovered yet, but I will. And I also complained beause Century Tel has a new trick to blank out emails so they appear in inbox with headers but message is blank--missing-stolen.
5) I complain often about a web hosting company named 1and1,com that is crooked.
Any or all of these reasons are why my computer has been hacked into by criminals about 10 times since 2005.
I just want the public t know these events and know for certain that the internet and the accoutrements for it, should be approached with much caution, and as much as you would use when walking through an unsafe neighborhood. The criminals on the internet far outnumber the good people.
This is intended to be a public notice to the world so maybe you are not deceived by the Obamas, and the Hillarys,and HP and those who break into others' computers.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri;11:47am;5-April-2011