Saturday, March 12, 2011

Obama attacked my computers & financial accts

Since I wrote the previous entry and tweeted in opposition to African King Obama's plan to slaughter millions of innocents in the womb, here is what has happened:
!) US government forces broke into both of my computers and corrupted the software; and
2) someon broke into several of my financial accounts including my Paypal acct; and deleted the transaction history on my Paypal acct that was from Oct 2007 [to destroy evidence of my ownership of certain domains] ; and
3) broke into accounts that were never joint accounts even when I was married [but am divorced now x2] to change the name on them [my real legal born with name] backwards to the way my name existed before as in/ during years 2002-2007;
4) and cybercriminal ordered a second card on financial acct in my former name that was outdated/changed legally in Oct 2007 and it was produced but by the grace of GOD was mailed to me instead of to the criminals;
5) and my cell carrier data plan was hacked into and destroyed. [or they tried too--I still pay for it since I am going to get it back even if I have to sue them];
6) 2 prepaid accounts were broken into and one was entirely drained dry by cybercriminals.
7) My acct of long standing at Rose Medical Center Federal Credit Union in Denver Colorado that began in 2002,when I worked there as RN was broken into also and an account that I told them to close in Oct 2007 was kept open for the benefit of criminals. And I found that out 2 days ago.
I am sure King Obama from Africa is behind this attack on me as he has instructed his puppet Eric Holder to sue to get the info on twitter and Facebook accts of anyone who opposes Obama-Clinton take-over of America. I oppose both of those evil people on principle that killing,lying, stealing.defrauding are all immoral acts; and yes, I know that is the modus operandi of the Clinton-Obama administration but that does not convince me that GOD's laws are wrong. Clinton-Obama both evil, and I am sure that GOD will prevail.I put my trust in THE GOD who will fight against those who fight against me,
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 12:14pm;12-March 2011