Monday, May 10, 2010

Warning to public about emails stolen from me & reported

This entry is to warn the public that there were several emails belonging to me and on my domains that I own that were stolen from me by cybercriminals/criminals breaking into my accounts using stolen passwords, and stolen credentials gotten by stealing US mail. Those emails stolen from me are: [stolen about 2005 when that was my name still but divorced now, but I did not realize it was also being read by criminals at that time.] [also stolen when that was my real name but there is no Pappas in my name since second divorce in Oct 2007.]
gloria on all my emails but I deleted those but there is evidence that they were not really deleted but simply moved to the criminals access acct.
I would suggest you not send emails to these emails as that implicates you in identity theft. But if you do send emails to them, then be aware that you might go to prison for fraud, theft, theft of my name, theft of my intellectual properties and some internet accounts,theft of my websites and theft of my original photography and also photography of my paintings,sketches,and drawings; and theft of my money from FDIC insured banks and credit unions.
Gloria Poole, at home in Missouri; 8:15 AM, 10-May-2010