Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tea Party Convenes, American Revolution called for.

This photo is my original photo of a tea canister I bought that has tea of Scotland in it. I love this photo and I love tea. I am adding it here to show my support of the National Tea Party that is intended to be another American Revolution of the people. I watched the Al-Jazeera youtube video last evening of the first national convention of the Tea Party and this morning lo and behold, CBS also has a youtube video of Sarah Palin's speech. Her speech was cut off [on CBS video] when she criticized Obama on record however, and ended abruptly on the video.
I support in spirit the concept that government is a servant to the people not the tyrant over them. I support in spirit the principles of a republic as defined that elected by the people in an honest voting process, representatives that know their districts and concerns of the citizens speak for them in the houses of Congress. I do not support the idea that exists in Congress now that there are some representatives in some states and some senators in some states that are 'more equal' [have more power] than any other representative or senator of any other state. I oppose any law that requires any mandatory purchase of anything or any service.
I want to state what my agenda for America and the world is:
1) Create constitutional protections for the innocent unborn/preborn humans.
2) put the 'full faith and credit" clause of the U S Constitution into providing legal protections for the innocents in the womb; and the up and coming generations of each and every nation. And sending federal troops to shut down immediately all killing centers that slaughter innocents in the womb.
3) halt immediately all invasions of privacy including the seek and destroy attacks in the womb of innocent humans; and prosecute those who kill innocents including the mothers. Killing innocents is a sin against GOD and it is destroying America.
4) halt the invasions of privacy into privately owned computers of citizens, and end the wire-tapping of privately owned telephones by the Obama administration, unless a warrant has been obtained signed by a lawful Judge in a recognized Court of Law stating the reason for it, the need for it, and who gets or uses the information obtained by it, and how that information is handled.
5) stop the socialist teaching in schools as defined as teaching that government is the answer to all problems. Government is supposed to be set of rules intended to provide for protection of the innocent, the defense of the nation and equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed [beliefs]; and it is not equal distribution of assets or redistribution of assets via taxes.
6) stop all the run-around of Congress that has allowed the U S Supreme Court to usurp power and make their own laws without lawful authority in the Constitution to do that.
7) Make all bills, resolutions, in either house of Congress open to full debate, with every bill read aloud and into the record; with television coverage at every step of the way, having all representatives including Senators who after all are supposed to represent the people of their states and not themselves, present for any vote, and votes --the yeas and nays--recorded and reported in every news station and newspaper in the nation. Have no vote unless 100% attendance or excused only by doctor's note as any employer would require. The representatives and senators are not mini-dieties but elected to do a job and that is to represent the citizens of this nation--not the citizens of Mexico, not the citizens of Afghanistan, not the citizens of Saudi Arabia but the citizens of this nation.
8) Authorize NO payments to be used for war-making unless there is an official on the record declaration of war by the U S Congress as is defined in the Constitution.
9) Amend the war powers act that communication lines of citizens [telephones, internet, cell /mobile phones, texting, wire services, all forms] cannot be suspended except by a declaration of war by the Congress stating who the enemy is,and how the communications of the citizens have hampered the winning of that war. The abuse of power that has happened more with Obama than predecessors is scandalous. If you write or speak against Obama, you might find your computer harddrive fried by the Pentagon. That is an abuse of power clearly! The First Amendment gives citizens the authority to have complaints against the government heard without harassment of the citizens for airing their complaints.
10) Compare every bill every resolution before any vote, and with television and reporters present allowed to record it to the actual wording of the U S Constitution.
And allow no bill or resolution to be voted on that does not meet muster with Constitution.
11) Uphold and enforce the U S Constitution and the amendments to it; and do not uphold or enforce the usurpation of power by the U S Supreme Court or any ngo.
I have to think on this some more but this are my starting points for what my goals would be IF I were elected President.
Gloria Poole, Missouri; The time is 7:47 am, central time, and the date is Sunday 7th-Feb-2010.
Updated at 8:16 when I should be getting ready for Church. I pray GOD will forgive me and I think HE will because I worship GOD all days in all ways. Here are my additional thoughts on this subject:
12) When any resolution or bill is intended to create new 'rights' that puts a burden on taxpayers collectively or individually, it must originate in the House of Representatives which is much closer to the people and has greater, faster turnover. A bill or resolution of that nature would have to declared an attempt to amend the Constitution and written as such and then if it passed both houses of Congress it would have to be voted on as stated in Constitution by the people themselves whether to amend the Constitution, and 2/3 of the states' voting in affirmation would be required before any such resolution became law or enforceble. IF not ratified by 2/3 of the states voting it would die in Congress and never become law.
13) If lawmakers in Congress or the President make private, and or secret agreements with any enemy of the U S as declared by Congress in an act of war, that they be tried for treason and punished as written in the U S Constitution. An enemy of the United States before being declared an enemy of the United States must be found by Congress to have a consistent pattern of physical attacks against the land of the United States' proper [fifty states, as there are not authorized by citizens territories of the United States] and or against the citizens of the United States; and or consistent pattern of sabotaging the United States as a nation, as a lawful entity of a collection of fifty states, acts that are so egregious as to endanger the continuity of the nation itself.
14) Allow any method of home schooling of children that enables them to pass entrance exams for college.
15) Amend the Constitution that humans in the womb have the same civil liberties as all other humans, since it is medical fact that humans produce humans and it is medical fact that humans in the womb are human from the beginning. Appoint lawyers at taxpayer's expense for the innocents' representation, and not for the wicked who kill.
Updated again at 8:40 AM:
16) Include all citizens of the U S in the First Amendment protections including the liberty to worship GOD and to be heard in public [townhall,newspapers,etc] forums if they publicly confess allegiance to GOD and not suppressed/oppressed for stating belief in GOD.
17) Require all sessions of Congress to be open to the public and allow videotaping and note-taking of roll calls and voting by the citizens; and stop the government control of the presses in the U S. Allow no committees of Congress and bring each resolution to the floor for debate by all present unless excused by medical doctor, and allow no secretive 'filtering' of what gets voted on or discussed in debate, or how long the debate will be. Do not allow control of the process of debate and voting by either the President of the Senate or the Speaker of the House; and restrict those positions to merely enforcing what is called 'parliamentary procedure' [the rules of the Constitution and not the rules of NY or California or Massachusetts for example].
18) Every resolution will be voted on by every representative or senator with no abstaining from voting. Voting on resolutions is why they are sent to Congress. If they cannot or will not do that,they should be removed from office by impeachment or electing better person.