Friday, September 18, 2009

First Amendment Wins to protest government!

"The First Amendment, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, protects the right of individual citizens to spend unlimited amounts to express their views about policy issues and candidates for office," Kavanaugh wrote. "Similarly, the First Amendment, as the Court has construed it, safeguards the right of citizens to band together and pool their resources as an unincorporated group or non-profit organization in order to express their views about policy issues and candidates for public office." Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the decision today in Washington DC in the US Court of Appeals. And here is my protest:
1st photo is obviously a human being in the amniotic sac of the womb,and the second photo is the maternal placenta that attaches the umbilical cord for nutrients [food dissolved] and oxygen to the developing human being in the amniotic sac.

I am 'pooling' my resources with Google's in this blog and thank GOD for google,a great champion of First Amendment liberties to protest the government. And I pool my resources with the sources GOD provides to me which have certainly kept me dependent upon prayer and the provision of GOD since the devil's power in Colorado is yet to be broken by the power of GOD ALMIGHTY. And I seek the power of GOD ALMIGHTY to defeat the devil and end the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb of human women.

Also I am protesting the evil plan of Obama to kill innocents in the womb and depopulate the nation. For more on that topic read another blog of mine in my former name at for the entries today and the two previous entries also.

These are my photos from my digital camera . For more of them please visit my website at:
and also for the 16000 medical doctors suing the NIH to make them stop killing human embryoes.
And also: /
and also for article how an embryo becomes a fetus.
/s/ Gloria Poole R.N.. and artist, photographer, writer, missionary for LIFE, at home, Denver Colorado 80203/80206 @ 11:11 AM -18-Sept-2009

Update after thinking on it some more.
I am living proof that GOD is able to take care of you. HE is also able to take care of humans in the womb. Because I am a known prolifer since 1991 the government has tried in many ways to ruin me. When the first devil_President Clinton was in power he stopped the hiring of prolife nurses [I am a Registered Nurse] and for years I subsisted because federal abuse of power prevented hiring of prolife nurses who would not kill on demand [it was subtle but it was there]. Then I came to Colorado, found a RN job in 2002 or early 2003, and was working and the devil's own [but I did not know that at the time remember that] sort of conned me into getting married. Then he tried his best to destroy me and steal even my very name. Then the state of Colorado tried to help him advance his cause of killing me off by not sending him to prison for three episodes of domestic violence against me, by not making him abide by the plea bargain he made to stay out of prison and that was to pay me an income for injuries he caused to me, and by molly-coddling him in court and feeling sorry because he's a cocaine addict. Then the state of Colorado took away my TANF funds [someone stole them after I entered them on Court documents when I was summoned to testify] and the same thing happened to my food stamp allotment [remember I had serious injuries when those were awarded to me but I was supposed to get them for a year and they vanished after five months, in precisely the same month I wrote my sources on Court documents when summoned again to testify. Then the same thieves stole my 'supplemental income' that those who never worked get ["because" [they said] "I was a U S Citizen" that they took that away]. And then when I managed to survive they demanded my bank statement to see where I was getting any money. But before that they demanded my medical records to see if I deserve the help of American taxpayers since after all I paid taxes into the American 'system' for 26 years. Then they hacked my computer, tried to steal my internet account, plundered and looted my tiny aprt about 6 times since i moved here in June 2007. And they did all of that to try to prevent me from protesting the devil's plan to kill off all the unborn children of the world. BUT I AM STILL ALIVE AND I AM STILL PROTESTING!
All of you who think federal programs are great don't know what you are talking about. If you want to receive a notice that you have to give a government bureaucrat your bank statement with acct number on it,and/ or your medical records, or both, or face the consequences by being denied government provisions you earned [in my case the income I have is one I paid into a system for 26 years to get--it is not welfare.] You will not love the invasion of your privacy, the plundering and looting of your bank acct ,the not-payment of amounts you sent to vendors but that BIG BROTHER government doesn''t think you should spend that way and tried to block the payments. You will not love the intrusion into your life, your dwelling, your bank account(s) , your medical records, your day-to-day activities when a government bureaucrat shows up at your door demanding entrance to see what you are doing. I am not talking about law -enforcement when I write this-- I am not guilty of or accused of any crimes and I always talk to them when they come to ask my questions about my exhusband. I am talking about the people who are supposed to be 'helping' you and they consider a loud knock on your door with no warning whatsoever with a comcomitant demand for entrance into your place as somehow 'helping' you. It is the same reason the colonists rebelled against quartering troops in private homes and went to war to oppose it. You won't love the plan of Obama!
I wrote all of that to say this: I am going to protest the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, whatever my resources and whereever I live. And I am grateful the Court of Appeals says citizens have First Amendment liberties and not just journalists ! I am not quitting the protesting of abortion, and not quitting the protesting of sodomy either; and the devil is not winning. By the way if your interested the devil lives in Colorado over there in Highlands Park,FYI.

/s/ Gloria Poole