Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Newest Painting is "Goldfish" in Oils.

This is my newest oil painting named "Goldfish" and I painted it today July 11, 2009. It is large about 36 inches wide and 30 inches tall. My photography was a little bit off and I probably should have cropped it to fit the painting but I didn't. Oh well! I painted "Fishes" some years ago in acrylics and you could see that painting at . This painting was inspired by my photo that I named Shimmery Fish but of course my photograph was of a real fish that is GOD's handiwork and if you are curious about it you could see the photograph I photographed months ago of goldfish in an aquarium at
This painting is something I have done since 1971 when I first had become a Registered Nurse and found working in a hospital so stressful as to be overwhelming to me. So I began to paint to destress and to not fret about my patients or their prognosis or their futures. I especially found it hard to cope with the 'terminal' patients because I could not accept that word since it somehow seemed to negate my understanding of what heaven is, and how the believers in JESUS THE Lamb of GOD go there when they die.
Anyway, I know comparing the photograph of the 'shimmery fish' with my painting of it and you will see that painting a goldfish is more difficult to do than painting a person. Goldfishes have that extraordinary light on their scales and I admit I did not quite 'capture' that in the painting. Nevertheless, I hope you like it.
/s/ Gloria Poole, Denver Colorado 80203; 11-July-2009 @ 4:10PM, [aka gloriapoole®]
Update as of Monday am 13-July-2009:
I created a call me page and it started out to be for my two daughters and grandchildren but then I realized it might help me for others to call me. I found out that my phone with the extension number is often put on do not disturb by whom?? not sure but they know I paint here a lot for hours, days at the time, and they probably think they are helping me. And I found out that the 'confusion' over my name [after second divorce and resuming maiden name of guess what? Gloria Poole [with a middle name also but you don't need to know that] it created 'opportunities' for people totally unrelated to me to try to 'cash in' on my telephone numbers and slam my phones, but I am getting my accounts corrected with the help of services like Google and of course the FBI! [Theft of art works created by a person is a big deal so just don't do that !].
So anyway, the call me page is at:
PS Also after I added this entry the other day, my photo of the shimmery fish was stolen from my subdomain at so if you looked and it was not there, look again because I added it back again. How cybercriminals sign in /log in to my websites and rip pages right out of the website, I do not know--no one else is authorized to login to my accounts but me, and I did not ever give passwords to my internet hosting acccounts to anyone. It matters to me the condition of my websites and I want them to always be honorable and pleasing first of all to GOD and therefore I do not make images of GOD in keeping with the Commandments of GOD. If you do not know the Commandments of GOD you could read them here: